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Akismet Spam protection

edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Not sure if this would be of any interest to others, but I imagine it would be a pretty cool collaborative spam prevention plugin to have a play with (code samples for all sorts of other forums here):


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    Do you have any spam on your forum?
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    I'm working on/with vanilla because my existing forum software (YABB) suddenly became
    part of a forum-spammers toolkit. When they hit me the first time I had to spend 4 hours
    cleaning up the mess they left me with... hence I'd be interested in an Akismet or similar
    solution. Moreover, I think it will help increase Vanilla exposure/adoption rates.

    @Dino... are you implying it is not a problem in the Vanilla community or something Vanilla
    is not susceptible to?
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    I have the same problem with my phpBB site that will be moved to vanilla... spam.
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    @Tom: I don't implying vanilla is spam proof. When people will be interested in spamming vanilla forum, they will do. Just asking if they are yet interested.
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    If a Vanilla forum was easy to SPAM, surely this one with such a large user base would be attacked?

    Mine got infiltrated because I allowed unprotected guest posting, being such a small forum I didn't think we'd be targeted.

    Now that we have Guest Post with the brilliant condom feature, there has not been a single "sperm" get through! pic

    Posted: Tuesday, 27 March 2007 at 11:06AM

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    edited March 2007
    it's really weird that it requires u to signup for Is this a sleazy tactic to get users signup for wordpress, so they can touted " we have 10M registered users <fineprint> 9.99M of them were forced to signup for akismet and don't use </fineprint>
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    I think a reason this forum isn't being spammed to death is because bots don't get through to posting, because everyone needs to be approved for membership (and write something human-looking in the "why do you want to become a member" box).
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    Yes bjrn, that's the main reason I think.
    I had a spammer actually register then sent a few test posts containing gibberish which I was alerted to by a vigilant member.

    Shortly afterwards, the spam comments began. I deleted them manually for a day or so, just to let him get confident, then deleted the user.

    Funny, he actually apologised for the spam, as if he was being forced to do it, and often complimented the site.

    Posted: Tuesday, 27 March 2007 at 12:23PM

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    Awww. A human spammer, how quaint. :P
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    I had never heard of akismet until three weeks ago, when I found that it was the reason I was unable to post to any of the WordPress blogs I had frequented. I never leave spam, but it labeled me. When I emailed them about the problem I was told that akisment is "self-correcting" and that it "should adjust soon." Took three weeks before I was back online. Ick.
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    Anyone thinking about building such an extension?
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