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university project

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Hi all, hope this isnt considered as spam. Used vanilla a while back for an old project. Am looking for people to participate in some university research im doing and remembered there were a lot of likely candidates around here when i was often on these forums for vanilla support. Anyway the project is its a site that allows you to promote your web stuff in a funky and creative way. The research is ongoing and is based on the manner in which people interact with the site (the actual function of the site is immaterial in this instance). So please if you've got 5 minutes spare, and you'd like some extra traffic to your sites / blogs / photo albums / youtube pages etc, please check it out. Thanks v much, Matt Benney


  • Whoa that is a really cool site, super fast and everything is so intuitive!!!!!!
  • Thanks y2k, makes all the blood sweat and tears a little less resented :p
  • this looks really slick - i'll definitely add some stuff once i'm off work
  • Thanks Gauzy :) So who thinks i should add a vanilla forum to this site :p
  • me ;P
  • I may do... not sure that people would really have much to talk about though? Anyway if i do it wont be until after its graded as research... will lose credit for using something i didnt create myself.
  • man this site could be come really popular, like youtube built for faster consumtion of bits of media.
  • @mbenney - is that to say we couldn't add our own forums to the shit?
  • send it to your contacts list and lets get the ball rolling ;)
  • @Gauzy - no of course... promote anything you like... i have built the framework for submission..thats all my own work. But as for submissions theres very little restrictions... just porn and guns and such.
  • whats surprising is the lack of comments, especially because it is so simple todo.
  • found a bug, if you rate a pic, and then go to comment the rating on comment page doesn't update along with the one on the main page.
  • thanks... thats an easy fix. Will get on it when i have a spare 2 mins!
  • welcome, glad to help!
  • lovely site!
  • edited March 2007
    am i overlooking something, or is there no way to upload an image for a site you'd like to link to? (meaning, instead of drawing, i'd rather upload a small screenshot or somesuch). i see some others there that do this, so maybe i'm missing something?

    edit: nevermind, i got it. silly me thought that uploading images was only good for linking to images, but i see that is not the case.
  • This site has promise, the use of Flash is brilliant.

    Just a note however, in Safari, the fields where you enter username and password often go dead, nothing can be entered until the browser is restarted.

    I've seen this issue before, (Toyota site) I think it's a Flash bug.

    I prefer regular HTML login boxes, you can't tell the browser to remember the details if it's Flash.

    Posted: Tuesday, 27 March 2007 at 12:28PM

  • Thanks for the kind words everyone @Wnaderer i wasnt aware of that... will have scour around for more info.
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