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Main Links problem

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Hello, I have issues and some of them are related to vanilla. I recently installed vanilla on Then after playing around with various styles and add ons decided that vanilla was the way to go (and binned the phpBB and BBpress installs I was looking into). So then I went about setting up a proper URL for the forum to work under. I went into the conf directory and amended all the settings I could see. I went into the DB and changed the location for the styles and that all worked but the main menu links still seem to point to the old URL (by main menu I mean "Discusssions,Categories,Search et al"). Can anyone tell me where this is held ? TIA Neil


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    Have a look in /conf/settings.php, I think you will find what you are looking for there.
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    Hi Wallphone, Sorry I should have been clearer, I have done that already "I went into the conf directory and amended all the settings I could see" I have changed the following already ['BASE_URL'] ['FORWARD_VALIDATED_USER_URL'] ['COOKIE_DOMAIN'] I can't see any reference to the OLD URL in the conf/settings.php file at all, so I'm confused as to where vanilla is getting it from.
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    I guess you were clear enough, I didn't read fully ;-)

    That is odd, because Vanilla gets the path from the $Configuration['BASE_URL']... I just dug through the code to verify that...

    Going back from display to settings I followed this path:
    /themes/menu.php (HTML that makes up the menu is generated)
    /Library/Vanilla/Vanilla.Control.Menu.php (where above file is called)
    /appg/init_vanilla.php (where the menu object is created and items added to it)
    /Library/Framework/Framework.Functions.php (where GetUrl is defined)
    /conf/settings.php (where the BASE_URL is set)
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    hmmm, I had a nose around in the files you suggested, I not a php programmer but I can just about work out the flow of the code. This is really weird. I'm not making it up honest !!! take a look for yourself 80 % of the links work, "The rules" tab for example has the correct URL (which is added via a plugin) but the main menu is still using the old URL.
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    I can't help you with your problem mate but I would rename the Vanilla-1.1 directory, it'll give you grief later when 1.2 comes out!

    Posted: Wednesday, 28 March 2007 at 8:30AM

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    edited March 2007
    If you are using Sirnot's Page Manager, you might have to reset the tab. I never used the extension, so i don't know exactly what you have to do. Check the Page Manager setting page.
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    Dinoboff, I am using Sirnot's Page Manager but thats the only tab that is actually picking up the right path
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    @wanderer good point well made about the folder name :D
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    @DinoBoff, YOU ARE A GENIUS !!! Sirnot's Page Manager adds "Page Management" to the Settings Menu, under page management at the bottom of the form is a "Resync tabs" link, this seemed to sort it out Thanks guys Neil
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