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What's Popp'n Yo?

edited April 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Man, not been here in ages... So is this still a random filled forum with a touch of technical help, or vice versa?


  • y2kbgy2kbg New
    edited March 2007
    another edit: wow a moderator douchebag old member!(:P)
    welcome back
    whats up? and yes there still some random things. i dont know if you knew the offcial i hate pc thread, but i think it is now well over 400 comments.

    prolly more technical things now, and alot more people than 2005
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    wishes: These could be reordered easily...

    thought about this at all mark?
  • just for the record, FLC isnt a moderator, that was just part of the db changes in the upgrade from 0.9 to 1.0 when the douchebag role was removed

    Hi FLC! Yeah same old really. It's a lot more active now though, especially these last couple of days seem to have taken off (either that or I'm finding less time to keep on top of it all)
  • douchebag........hahahaha
  • i was never here in the .9 days, i arrived around right when 1.0.1 came
    edited March 2007
    just for the record, FLC isnt a moderator, that was just part of the db changes in the upgrade from 0.9 to 1.0 when the douchebag role was removed

    A fair amount of people got changed to moderator, even those who weren't listed with the title douchebag. Hence making me believe that the member role was removed at one point during the upgrade.

    You can see my role states I'm a moderator when I'm not as well. You can also see that I haven't had a role change since signing up so my original member role was dropped.

    Welcome back FLC :)
  • so that means you have how much more privs?
  • 0 more privs. We're all really standard members, just have the ID of what is now a moderator, I guess.

    I wonder how many show that... at least six months worth more than 1359... I was around six months or so before Vanilla 1.
  • ADM it's anyone who had a role with an ID *higher* than douchebag technically got assigned to a role 1 up from where they were before. When the douchebag role was removed, banned = 1, member = 2, moderator = 3, admin = 4, prior to that it was banned = 1, douchebag = 2, member = 3, moderator = 4, admin = 5. See?
  • What's Popp'n Yo? # 2

    haha thats funny
  • Ahh I see what you mean, makes sense.

    Mark should just do a replace all where the id is 3 to 2 then manually reassign the moderators (since theres less than a handful anyway). That would fix pretty much everything.
  • That already happened...
  • but it still says hes a mod, what do you mean happeme already?
  • I'm not sure why it says that. But if you look at the top next to his name where it tells you what role he is, it says member. I guess the Role History extension stores names not role ID's or something..i dunno.
  • I'm guessing the the Role History extension only stores changes made using the Change Role thing in the forum, and Mark probably just did an SQL query to fix all moderator/member things.
  • Sorry I was meaning the Role History thing he should change.. I haven't really looked into it so not sure how the role history extension handles it's data.
  • Haha, inadvertent bug! Yeah, I've been here since the start (hence account #10) just not been here in a while since I don't have a vanilla board to worry about now, I'm just here for the random chitchat mostly, and to bug mark like the old days
  • Wow. Account #10. You must be old!
  • wow that crazy man, what was vanilla like back then?
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