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Changing the default page for unathenticated users?

dan39dan39 New
edited May 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
If you have a private forum, and you want the unauthenticated users to be forwarded to an "about" page, for example, (rather than the sign-in page, which is currently the default behavior), how do you set that up? I feel like this should be pretty easy, but I don't want to do it incorrectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    I bet its pretty easy too. I think you can make an extention and add just this tiny code to it: <code> if ($Context->Session->UserID == 0 ) // not logged in goto url </code> sorry for the pseudo code on the 2nd line, but im omw out and im sure you can find it if u look it up
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    dan39dan39 New
    edited March 2007
    Won't that interfere with the redirect that's being initiated by Vanilla's core? or would that override Vanilla's redirect?

    I think I found the part of the Vanilla Core that handles this (in library/People/People.Class.Session.php):

    function Check(&$Context) { if (($this->UserID == 0 && !$Context->Configuration['PUBLIC_BROWSING']) || ($this->UserID > 0 && !$this->User->PERMISSION_SIGN_IN)) { if ($this->UserID > 0 && !$this->User->PERMISSION_SIGN_IN) $this->End($Context->Authenticator); header('location: '.AppendUrlParameters($Context->Configuration['SAFE_REDIRECT'], 'ReturnUrl='.GetRequestUri())); die(); } }

    How exactly does one modify that and turn that into a sound extension? (Or is that not the way to go.)
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    OK, this is how I did it...

    1. Using PageManager, make the 2 pages, we'll call them MEMBER and GUEST.

    2. Using PageManager make another page we'll call it DOOR

    The PageManager DOOR contains this...
    <?php if ($this->Context->Session->UserID > 0) { $URL=""; header ("Location: $URL"); } else { $URL=""; header ("Location: $URL"); } ?>

    3. One more step, in your .htaccess file put this...
    RewriteEngine On Options +FollowSymLinks -Multiviews RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^$ RewriteRule ^$ ?Page=DOOR [L]

    How does it work?
    The .htaccess file makes the PageManager page DOOR the default, it then discriminates between MEMBER or GUEST and re-directs accordingly.

    Simple enough? pic

    Posted: Sunday, 1 April 2007 at 3:37PM

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    dan39dan39 New
    edited April 2007
    Thanks Wanderer,

    But, your solution is a bit more than I needed. I already had an html page handy, so I just needed a simple redirect. I used Mr. Do's approach, but I used the logic from the People.Class.Session file to do a check to see if the forum was set to "Private" before performing the redirect on users that weren't logged in. I also allowed people.php to be exempt from the redirect so that users would be allowed to login.

    The addon is now available here for anyone who wants it.
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    gj Dan :)
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    edited August 2007
    this .htaccess business just flat out never works for me. . .

    Massive edit:
    I don't have mod_rewrite installed, apparently.

    This guide has a good paragraph on how to check to see if it's installed or not:
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    Can I use Wanderer's method to get Categories to be the default page on login (its a private forum). Any simpler method to do this?
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    This the the only method that worked for me (and I tried everything), simple if you understand it and very powerful and flexible too.

    Posted: Sunday, 9 September 2007 at 11:59AM

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    Wanderer, does this method work with friendly urls?
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    All you really should need to do is change the $Context->Configuration['SAFE_REDIRECT'] to whatever URL you desire...

    The downside is that if your forum is public, SAFE_REDIRECT will never be used, but given the scenario that was set-up in the first post, we're dealing with private forum anyway.
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    ok, in my particular case, the forum is public and have to main starting pages (one for guests, another for logged users) both built over PageManager so i thought that Wanderer's solution could do the chance, but i can't manage it to work properly :(

    i have tried the default page extension, but i have a couple of issues with it

    (i' ve added the lines wanderer suggested in the .htaccess file that dinoboff showed somewhere here)
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    If you have followed my instructions properly this method does work.
    It's been in use on my forum for over a year and it works flawlessly.

    Changing the default page for unathenticated users? # 4

    Posted: Thursday, 29 May 2008 at 6:32AM

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    yes, it worked on my local test server, but on the external one didn't :(

    i'll try again tomorrow (1 a.m. here :P) to see if it's some incompatibility between the configuration in the httpd.conf and the .htaccess or what
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