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'Namewhore Tab' extension

edited August 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Will execute a search on all comments with your username in the text. Good for busy boards with users that visit infrequently. Oh hell, you all know what namewhoring is for chrissakes. :P

Copy and paste into notepad, then save as NameWhoreTab.php, with the filetype as 'All files'. Or get it at
Drop in your extensions folder and enable it.
<?php /* Extension Name: Namewhore Tab Extension Extension Url: Description: Adds a Namewhore search tab to the menu, which will execute a search for all comments with the current user's username in the text. Will not display for guests. Version: 1.0 Author: Trabus (based upon Ben's User Tab extension) Author Url: */ if($Context->Session->UserID > 0){ $userName=$Context->Session->User->Name; if (in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array("index.php", "categories.php", "comments.php", "search.php", "post.php", "account.php", "settings.php"))) { $Menu->AddTab("Namewhore", "Namewhore", "search.php?PostBackAction=Search&Keywords=$userName&btnSubmit=Search&Type=Comments", "NameWhoreTab", $Attributes = "", $Position = "3", $ForcePosition = "1"); } } ?>


  • sweet! add it to the docs page.
  • yeah, I need to register, was just about to. :)
  • sweet!
  • i said sweet 2x in this thread.
  • I just modified it to only show a namewhore tab if a user is logged in. it will not be shown for guests, as that would have a search resulting in all comments returned.
  • I reckon this could be better being a field in the user profile, a 'see who's talking about you' link. Still nice work.
  • people aren't going to know what a "namewhore" is.. so how about adding this to the description:

    "Adds a Namewhore search tab to the menu, which allows you to find discussions with your name in them."

    or something similar?
  • lamentlament
    edited August 2005
    does it work for private discussions to? if so, add "(even private discussions)" :)

    "current user's username"

    better phrasing? you don't like my simplified description? :)
  • Stuart, it totally could be a link like that. I can make a profile link version later. The main use for it that I've found handy is when you are away for a couple weeks and want to check if there are any posts for you. On a board that I was part of, when making a post, people would actually list names of users they thought would have interest in the thread. It actually becomes quite useful when all users are aware of it, as people will often do this to get advice from "the coder guy" or "the photo guy" by listing their name at the end of their post.
  • It would only work on discussions that the user has access to. So if the private discussion was not including the user, then no, it wouldn't come up in the search. All it does is execute a search on all comments and inserts your username into the field.
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