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Web validation issue

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I have small questions. After firing up a site, I tried to validate(web) index.php but there was an error saying "document type does not allow element "b" here blabla...">Sign In</a>)</div><b></b><div id...". I can not understand why those elements get inserted there. If I want to remove these "b"s, where should I have a look? And one more thing related to web validation. After activating Forum Statistics 0.45 extension, if I tick "View the Statistics" option with some list items (eg, Top Posting Users, Top Discussion Starter, Most Active Users, etc) unchecked, there appear some errors saying "end tag for element <li> which is not open...</a></b><br /></li></li></li></li></li></li>...". With all of the list items checked, it is OK. Not so serious but I would like to know why and how to fix. Thank you.


  • i think there is an extra <li> tag in the statistics default.php file, it's simple to remove, but it might already have been removed in the latest version, have you updated?
  • Thank you, terrential2. I am using the latest version of Stastics. And I dont see any extra <li> tags in default.php.
  • Concerning the b tag, what extensions are activated and what style are you using?
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    Hi jimw, thank you for your concern. My Sys and Ext are as follows. Server Circumstances: Vanilla 1.1.2 on Mac OS 10.4.8 Apache 1.3 with mod_rewrite PHP 5.2.0 MySQL 5.0.27 Extensions : Attachments 2.1 / Category Jumper 1.0 / CategoryRoles 0.5 / Forced BBCode 0.1.0 / Forum Statistics 0.4.5 / Guest Post 1.4.1 / Guest Welcome Message 3.0 / Inline Images 1.3 / Invite Friends 0.3 / JQThickBox 1.1.3 / JQuery 1.1.4 / Members Page 1.2.1 / Multi File Upload 1.1 / Page Manager 2.4.3 / Sidepanel 1.0 / Signatures 1.0.1 / Transmogrifier 1.2 / Vanillacons 1.3 / Yellow Fade 0.1 Thank you, and I'd like to solve these problems, if possible. edit: I am using CategoryRoles theme, shifted from default vanilla.
  • Can you tell if the Sign-In that is referred to is the one in the Guest Welcome message or is it in the regular Sign-in?

    I'm not familiar with the CategoryRoles theme. Is that something that is available after you activate that extension?
  • Thank you very much, jimw. I tested it with deactivating Guest Welcome Message, also tested changed to Vanilla default theme. But the result is same as I reported before. Thank you.
  • Can you please provide a link to your forum? Also try deactivating the BBCode extension.
  • i think the 'b' tags are hardcoded into the extensions/stats/default.php, i changed mine: (site is down atm, check it later!)
  • The CategoryRoles does not add any markup on any page but the administrative tab for categories. Beside of this it is used to suppress posting controls here and there.
  • Many Thanks. @jimw : deactivating did not affect anything with this issue. Allright, I can provide a link, but all of the contents are in Korean and Japanese. So It can be a little inconvenient to you. @terrential2 : the b tag issue is not relevant to Statistics add-on, I think. @Max_B : I love your CategoryRoles, and I believe your theme is not related to this issue. Thank you all for you kindness.
  • jimw, I forgot to answer to your question [Can you tell if the Sign-In that is referred to is the one in the Guest Welcome message or is it in the regular Sign-in?] The b tag appears in the regular Sign In, and therefor it appears in every vanilla phps such as index.php, search.php, categories.php etc. Thank you.
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    I think I found the reason for additonal b tags. By deactivating Signatures Add-on I could pass the validation. I dont know about programming at all, but I can see a suspecting line in the default.php of Signatures add-on. function NoFunc(&$F) { echo('<b></b>'); } I dont know what these lines for, but I think it echos the b tags. Have a look, please.
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