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Show username, date, and time of edits?

Hey guys and girls,

Had a quick browse around the add-ons section but didn't come accross anything that could do this (as far I could see anyway). Basically, what I'd like is some way of seeing who edited the post, and what the date / time of the edit was.

For example, someone hits edit, makes a change, and this is appended to the bottom of the edit:

Edited by [username] on [date] at [time]

Do any of you lot know of a plugin that makes this possible, or could / would anyone be so kind as to write one / help me write one from scratch. Surely I'm not the only one that thinks a plugin like this would be useful, or am I? :P

Even if the addition to the edit is only shown to specifyed usergroups, e.g. just the administrators, that would also suffice. As right now we (the Open Designs community) have one, or more, moderators that have decided to go round editing posts for simple spelling and grammar mistakes, and a few people are getting quite annoyed by it, so we'd like to see who edited the posts, and also when. I do hope this makes sense :)

Thanks in advance for any replies,

Christopher Robinson
Web Developer & Designer



  • rampaging moderators. maybe you should reconsider the amount of moderators or the number of ppl with the edit permission..
  • took a quick look. Library/vanilla/Vanilla.Class.Comment.php . The object allready stores edited by id, name and date. So to get what you want is simply a matter of displaying it
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    Yeah but the reason I'd like some sort of way of seeing is so that we can find out who has been doing it, of course people are already making suggestions about who it could be but without solid proof I'm not going to revoke anyones roles just yet, there are 3 admins (me included) along with 10 moderators with "edit all" permissions. I was just hoping of some kind of plugin so we could see who was doing it and hopefully deter it from getting out of hand.

    edit: didn't see your second reply so gimme a minute to take a look at that and i'll get back to you :)
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    ok im bored at work and too hungover to do actual work. here is what you do. create a new theme folder. copy the "comments.php" folder from the default folder to this new folder. edit it by chaning this line
    if ($Comment->DateEdited != '') $CommentList .= ' <em>'.$this->Context->GetDefinition('Edited').'</em>';
    to this:
    if ($Comment->DateEdited != '') $CommentList .= ' <em>'.$this->Context->GetDefinition('Edited').$Comment->EditUsername.' '.date('j.M H:i',$Comment->DateEdited).' '.'</em>';
    i also susggest editing the language definition of "Edited" to say "Edited by" or make a new definition.
  • Sorry had to dash for 45mins, just got back and tested it out and it works perfectly. Thanks so much for your help Alexander!
  • nps. did u find the perp? What are you gonna do to him? heh
  • This may also be useful to track what edits are being made (download link at the bottom of the post): Post Edit History # 14
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