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Error unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset 54 of 134 bytes in

VazVaz New
edited April 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
EDIT Sorry for this post - i've found out the solution. I had to get my member to re-create her signature. She had some odd characters in there before. -------- Hi, I just moved my forum to a new host. One of my members reported recieving the following error: Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset 54 of 134 bytes in /home/.pilar/vbunet/ on line 74 ===================================== default.php code is as follows ======================================= <?php /* Extension Name: Signatures Extension Url: Description: Enables each user to have a small, one-line signature. Version: 1.0.1 Author: SirNotAppearingOnThisForum Author Url: */ /* A small modification is needed to make this work: 1. Open up themes/comments.php 2. Find the line: $CommentList .= $Comment->Body.' 3. Replace the found line with this one: $CommentList .= $Comment->Body.(defined('EXTENSION_IN_SIGNATURES') ? SignatureRender(@$Row['AuthUserPrefs']) : '').' 4. Enjoy */ define('EXTENSION_IN_SIGNATURES', 1); define('MAX_SIGNATURE_LEN', 200); //in chars if(isset($Head)) $Head->AddStyleSheet('extensions/Signatures/style.css'); if(!isset($Context->Session->User->Preferences['ShowSigs'])) $Context->Session->User->Preferences['ShowSigs'] = 1; //set default //thankfully vanilla will do all of the UI for the preferences for us.. $Context->Configuration['PREFERENCE_ShowSigs'] = 1; $Context->Configuration['CUSTOMIZATION_SIGNATURE'] = ''; $Context->Dictionary['CUSTOMIZATION_SIGNATURE'] = 'Custom Signature'; $Context->Dictionary['CUSTOMIZATION_SIGNATURE_DESCRIPTION'] = 'Displays a small, one-line signature under each of your posts (max chars = '.MAX_SIGNATURE_LEN.'). You may use [url=http://...]linky[/url] to create links.'; $Context->Dictionary['ShowSigs'] = 'Show signatures in comments'; //hooks $Context->AddToDelegate('CommentManager', 'CommentBuilder_PreWhere', 'Signatures_CommentBuilder'); $Context->AddToDelegate('PreferencesForm', 'Constructor', 'Signatures_Preferences'); $Context->AddToDelegate('Menu', 'PreHeadRender', 'NoFunc'); function NoFunc(&$F) { echo('<b></b>'); } function Signatures_CommentBuilder(&$CommentBuilder) { $CommentBuilder->DelegateParameters['SqlBuilder']->AddSelect('Preferences', 'a', 'AuthUserPrefs'); } function Signatures_Preferences(&$Prefs) { if($Prefs->IsPostBack) $Prefs->AddPreference('DiscussionIndex', 'ShowSigs', 'ShowSigs'); } //helper functions function Signatures_ParseUrl($Url) { $AllowedProtocols = array('http', 'https', 'ftp', 'gopher', 'irc'); $DefProtocol = 'http'; $Parts = explode(':', $Url); if(count($Parts) > 1 && in_array(strtolower($Parts[0]), $AllowedProtocols)) $Out = $Url; else $Out = $DefProtocol.'://'.$Url; return str_replace(' ', '%20', $Out); } function SignatureRender($UserPrefs) { if($GLOBALS['Context']->Session->User->RoleID && !$GLOBALS['Context']->Session->User->Preferences['ShowSigs']) return ''; if(empty($UserPrefs)) return ''; $UserPrefs = unserialize($UserPrefs); if(isset($UserPrefs['SIGNATURE'])) $Text = $UserPrefs['SIGNATURE']; else return ''; $Text = htmlspecialchars(substr($Text, 0, MAX_SIGNATURE_LEN)); //$Text = preg_replace("/\[url=(.+?)\](.+?)\[\/url\]/ie", '\'<a href="\'.Signatures_ParseUrl(\'\\1\').\'">\\2</a>\'', $Text); $Text = preg_replace( array( "/\[url=(.+?)\](.+?)\[\/url\]/ie", "/\[img\](.+?)\[\/img\]/ie" ), array('\'<a href="\'.Signatures_ParseUrl(\'\\1\').\'">\\2</a>\'', '\'<img src="\'.Signatures_ParseUrl(\'\\1\').\'" alt="">\'' ), $Text ); return '<span class="CommentSignature">'.$Text.'</span>'; } ?> ====================== does anybody know what might be up?
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