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Tournament Extension

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I just installed vanilla, learning my way around by checking out some of the extensions. I plan on making a total tournament management system. Here is the general outline of how it would work with a round robin tournament of teams of XvX. This is only the interaction that the board will require. Plugins will need to be made to sort out the little things like match reporting to the forum, and setting the server password to make this a truly streamlined system. a) Player signs up in forums. b) Player applies to join specific tournament for a game. c) Tournament manager gets approves request for applicant to join tournament if: 1. Player has added in-game name to profile and ID (most online games have unique IDs). 2. Registration period is open. d) Player is added to open roster. e) All team captains are PMd a link to the player's profile. f) Team captains can invite player / player can request to join specific team. g) Team captain approves request, and player is automatically added to team roster. h) When the tournament begins (as marked by the tournament manager in the main tournament thread), registration is locked. i) Randomly each team is matched against each other during specified times, and every player is PMd that time. j) Each player is given a link in that pm stating 'i can make it' or 'i can't make it'. k) If enough players for both teams can make it, the time is locked, and each captain gets a link and password to join the server that will be auto-set at the appropriate time. l) Match results are auto-updated to the main tournament thread (and with php we can even auto-make pretty pictures!). Of course there will be team management, etc. There are two ways to do this: 1) Have one main post for each time and one for the tournament. The team manager would just edit a list of players by their forum name and the system would update everything else. The benefit is that it is real flexible and easy for the team manager, the drawback is it doesn't look as pretty. 2) Actually adding settings and control panels for the teams and tournaments and forms. Benefit is looks nicer, drawback is a lot more code and less flexible. I lean towards number one personally. I have never used php but I can program in C, Java, and have done a bit of asp so it shouldn't be that hard. PHP i heard rules for text processing. Comments?


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    This could even be good for text-based RPGs. Such as [color=nerd]"efedding or other fantasy roleplaying-based games."[/color]
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    This says request but it sounds like your making one? If it is a request you can check this out: here, if your interested let me know.
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