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Word censorship



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    Yes off course. But would u throw me out of your house if I was too offensive? Or sit with a noise maker and make it scream PEEEEEP every time I said a curse word?

    My point is not to let everyone behave in any which way, I am just commenting on the tactic of censorship to deal with problems.
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    Quote: Mr Do
    pic But would u throw me out of your house if I was too offensive? Or sit with a noise maker and make it scream PEEEEEP every time I said a curse word? pic
    Exactly, I'd use the noisemaker to drown out your filthy mouth until I got the door open to kick your butt out of the house. Actually first I'd probably drag you up to the second floor and chuck you out of a window, not necessarily an open one!

    Posted: Thursday, 3 May 2007 at 7:42AM

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    I guess you are a good example of how unnecessary swearing is not the only way to show ignorance.

    You quoted "someone famous", I'll quote someone not. A street woman in an interview: We should give up liberties for freedom That the masses doesn't see the irony, makes me very sad.
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    "Someone famous once said... your freedom stops when it infringes on someone else's."

    Of course, I could argue that I want freedom to say what I want, even if someone else doesn't like what I say. I'm not sure I would classify removing swear words from a forum somewhere a free speech issue, if you want to swear there are plenty of places to go. I do however take offense at the statement that free speech can be limited just fine if what you say might offend someone. If you take offense at something I say (or the other way around), that's too bad, but not really a reason to limit the speaker's freedom, taking offense is not the same as having your freedoms infringed.
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    Hey we (at least speaking for myself) are not talking about coming to your house and imposing censorship on you.

    I'm talking about you coming over to my house and disrespecting my preference for a civil tongue. Actually not even my own preferences necessarily, also those of my guests and their families, young children specifically.

    And I beg to differ on another point, taking offense is exactly the same as having your freedoms infringed upon, if it happens in your own space by someone who is insensitive and ill-mannered.

    And Mr Do, if expecting a civil tongue in my house is "ignorant" in your book, remind me never to invite you to my Christmas party!

    It just came to me, that famous person was Henry Thoreau.

    Posted: Thursday, 3 May 2007 at 8:45AM

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    Wah..pretty big discussions doing on in here LOL! Actually in my case i asked for this extension to avoid people posting other websites links in threads on my some other websites offering same content as mine .. and sometimes new members are just to advertise their blogs and websites. So, i just ban them and add their site to config file of this extension and replace them in ******** I just tried to give some idea about making this type of extension as in many other forum software have this addons to ban words .. mainly words like fuck..etc.
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    I wouldn't consider replacing F**k with a # censorship. After all if they are so limited in there ability to express themselves they have already censored themselves. Whats that saying, " "You can say whatever you want but not in my house. But just the same it might be better off rather than replacing the foul language to have it fire off an email to you alerting you to a potty mouth in your forum. Than you can delete the post, employ public humilation tactics, ban the user, or whatever else you care to do to him/her. The problem is not the word, but the person who insists on using it. Having managed forums for youngsters, I have spent hours creating dirty word lists. I think I have one 500 words long. Still there are things they can say my filter won't pick up. So imagine running 500 preg_replaces on your view texts?
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    @Wanderer: I may be giving you more credit than I should, but I assumed that you could surmise from my posts' vocabulary and speech that my point is NOT that I feel a great desire to swear. I would also expect you to understand that my point was far from that it is ignorant to expect a civil tongue. I do myself expect it, and probably feel very similar to you about persons stepping to far out of bounds from it. Repeating myself is another bad habit, so I will not be saying it again. What I take umbrage again, is censorship as a tool. It is a much worse thing than swearwords. I would rather have everyone swear than everyone speak through a censorship filter enforced on them. When I spoke of freedom earlier, I was not talking about the freedom to cuss, but to speak ones mind. Other people than myself brought other applications into the subject, so we were not only talking about that.

    Because I am a good person, I feel obligated to apologize if by my manner of expressing my view here has offended you or someone else. I am sorry. The irony is not lost on me, but thats the way the world works I guess. People are fragile and do not want to hear what they do not know or agree with. I probably put to much into this discussion and tried to make it something it was not. I am politically active, and this is not the place for this discussion. Lets not discuss the merit of censorship, but rather how to help the person apply it to his forum. That is why we are here after all. [Though in this case off course, it was solved in the third post]
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    I remember a website where bad words where automatically covered with stars... this resulted in words such as "manuscript" to end up as "m****cript".

    Just a side note. ;)
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    No need to apologize mate, no offense taken here, I use logic in my arguments not subjective emotional opinions.

    I don't see any irony, I don't see it as censorship.

    It's simple, my house = my rules. At my friend Kita's house we take off our shoes at the front door, her house, her custom, I gladly oblige. I don't go home and whine about her censoring my footwear, if I didn't like it or felt imposed upon it would be my choice not to visit.

    I don't want expletives spoken, heard, written or read.

    I can't be wrong in my house, it's your choice to visit, as long as you know the rules and abide by them. I don't think insisting on common decency and good manners is wrong, uncalled for nor ironic in the face of civil liberties.

    Posted: Thursday, 3 May 2007 at 7:56PM

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    MaxM, that's a damned good use of it in my book :) Preventing people from posting links to other sites, at least until they realise they can't get away without getting banned etc, is a nice part of the solution :)
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    Wanderer: I would claim that there is a difference between your private home and a public discussion channel. You are that against expletives? You would rather we strike them from the language? I suspect the language would be lesser for it.

    When you say you dont see the irony, are you being obtuse and just responding to your own previous statements, or do you really mean that you dont see the irony in giving up liberties for freedom? Cause if you do, I am surprised. FYI they mean the same. Its impossible to give up one to gain the other.

    MaxM, Stash: Sounds like your afraid of a little competition. :P
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    Quote: Mr Do
    pic I would claim that there is a difference between your private home and a public discussion channel. pic
    And I claim there is NO difference if I am footing the bill for this "public discussion channel".

    I also suggest that since membership is required it is NOT a public channel, it is a private forum, my "house". (Get the metaphor?)

    And I will state it again, swearing, or any other act is not a "liberty" if it impinges on others' rights not to be subjected to it.

    There is no irony there, no threat to freedom or personal expression, just don't do it in my "house".
    Quote: Mr Do
    pic You are that against expletives? You would rather we strike them from the language? I suspect the language would be lesser for it. pic
    I am not against expletives, I also don't give a shit if you smoke and take drugs and masturbate with a broomstick. Just don't do it in my "house" because I have rights too, one of which is to take measures against my family and guests (metaphors) being exposed to those behaviours.

    Posted: Friday, 4 May 2007 at 8:22AM

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