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Start Discussions as Somebody Else

Hi. I have had a quick search and haven't found anything for this... Is there an extension that allows Administrator(s) to start a discussion or comment as another member on the forum? I think this would be quite handy in situations where a member posts something in the wrong category. The administrator could just remove that discussion / comment and post it as the original member, but in the right place. Thanks, Oliver


  • If a member posts a discussion in the wrong category, and you're an admin, you can just edit the first post of the discussion, and change the category there. No need to delete and repost!
  • But what if they post a comment, and really should've started a completely new discussion?
  • Oh, right. I thought you just meant new discussions. If you want to turn a comment into a new discussion then there's no extension that does that for you at this time (as far as I know). At the moment you'd be forced to go into the database using phpMyAdmin or similar, and change the AuthUserID of the discussion and post from your own to someone else's.
  • actually, the modtools extension WILL let you split comments to create new discussions. it's at version 0.4 now, still being developed. afaik it won't let you start a discussion as someone else, but you can split/merge discussions.
  • I'll be really pissed. If the admin used my UserID to start a new post. Only I get to start my post discussions. Not admin or anyone else.
    Why would u want to do that

    splitting a comment as new discussion is fine with me.
  • Yup, no-way, no-how should this be allowed. It's a matter of ethics and principle, no matter how "honorable" or vaild the reasons are.

    Posted: Wednesday, 2 May 2007 at 1:50PM

  • Okay, I suppose. I just think that if I start somebody else's comment as a new one from my name, people might get confused... I was only asking to see if there was a simpler solution that didn't mean that I had to mess around in databases and possibly corrupt the database. I think it could still be an add-on - even if it's not a good idea to always use it - just like that "delete user" add-on.
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