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Such trouble getting it up!

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Hi. I feel so useless with CMS. Always manage to get stuck somewhere... have set up permissions etc and reread manual and watched your great flash tutorial (kudos Mark, your ahead of the rest!). However, when i try and access account tab i get : Fatal error: Cannot redeclare account_retrieveflickrphotostream() (previously declared in /home/haircuts/public_html/community/extensions/FlickrFeed/default.php:169) in /home/haircuts/public_html/community/extensions/Flickrizer/default.php on line 20 when i try "contact" tab i get: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class memberlist in /home/haircuts/public_html/community/extensions/members_page/default.php on line 59 when i try "people" (btw, what does this tab do? is it for general public vs. members tab for admin?): Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class memberlist in /home/haircuts/public_html/community/extensions/members_page/default.php on line 59 when i try "members": same sad result. i'm in tears, red swollen eyes an'all. way behind my launch date and don't know what to do. Is there a valliant knight out there with an answer to my folly? thanks in advance, eileen


  • Ah, yes, in addition i keep seing this little remark at footer area: "ok... this part hasnt bee finished yet..." what needs, where and how to be done?
  • Is this an upgrade from a prior version of Vanilla or a new install? Were there any errors during the install? Do you have a link that we can go to?

    The footer message is from an add-on.

    Did you try deactivating all your add-ons?
  • You're bumping into a few extension problems. First off, you need to disable one of the flickr extensions, because they both essentially do the same thing. I would recommend keeping FlickrFeed, the grapevine says its a little more secure than the other. The people tab is not a part of Vanilla, and I don't know off hand which extension is putting it there. Probably is the members page extension. That footer remark... ? I don't know. Try disabling some of the other extensions to see which one is putting that there. A better strategy when it comes to extensions would be to first decide what you want to do, then see if an extension does that. If you experiment with extensions, turn them on one at a time, look through the pages and wait a day or two to see what that extension changed. Then you can decide if you like the changes, and see if it caused any conflicts. Turning many extensions on at one time will very easily plunge you into a sea of confusion as your forum will suddenly become a different world.
  • Thank you jimw and wallphone for such fast reply! jim: new install. first thing i ran to do was to get all the many plugins activated. should i turn all off? would i need to reconfigure again when i turn them on? i disabled some right now, but then more things went wrong... site: wallphone: did as you suggested. which extentions are a must-have to start with? thanks again eileen
  • I would suggest the extensions in use here on Lussumo as a starting point. They are all pretty well tested and work well together, although 2-3 of them are not publicly available.

    Looking I see that you have both the guest welcome extension and the guest sign-in extensions enabled. Again, both of these do essentially the same thing (tell guests where they can sign-in), just in different ways. Pick one that you feel does the job better.

    The idea is only turn it on if you need it. This 'Keep it simple' philosophy is what gave Vanilla its name.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    What WallPhone suggested so far, if you want to see exactly what add-ons may be giving you the worst problems by deactivating them all (don't worry, they're still there). This should effectively blank out your extensions settings in your configuration folder. If everything is in "normal" working order afterwards, then everything is OK. Check what add-ons you've loaded up and look for ones (ie: like the two flickr) which when both activated will cause problems due to fighting over wanting to perform the same action. Keep the better one, delete the other from the server. The trick is to activate things one at a time and flipping through the forum to see the effect it has to ensure it's working and not throwing errors. This way you can quickly trace your steps to see where things went wrong.
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    i don't mean to derail the discussion (though it seems as if lech/wallphone/et al have been doing a great job of providing support so far! another reason i love the community so much...) but when i read this discussion title to myself, i had all i could do to not burst out laughing. perhaps some viagranilla is in order here? /me shuffles off, as you were!
  • thank you wallphone and lech for your kind assistance. very funny, gauzy! ;-) let me know if you need a haircut (i'm not the expert hairdresser but will gladly give you one, haha). btw, nice name, where's it from? something medicinal? i'd love to find not viagraforum but a good programmer as a partner for setting up all the sites i wanna do so i can focus on what I do love doing. takes me too long to figure out all this stuff and drives me nuts... good night!
  • actually, i could use a trim, my hair is getting a bit unruly. as for the name, it's a bit of a long story, i'll shorten it a bit. i'm a fan of the british electronic artist Muslimgauze, and i started naming some of my characters in online games after him. it makes for a pretty unique/memorable handle, so i liked it. eventually i just shortened it down to Gauzy, which has a pretty nice ring to it, i think:)
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    It looks like you're coming along fine. I noticed that you are using the CategoryIcons add-on. You probably noticed that some of your categories do not have an icon attached. I only set up about 8 in the style.css file. You can edit that file in 2 places and expand the number of icons used. If you need help, let me know.
  • wow, I have never seem so much enthusiasm from forum members.
    Where were u guys when Ahurlygyrl needed help. :)
  • thanks jimw, noticed that. I'll look at it in the morning (EU here) and see if i manage. can forum members upload their icons or is there a list they could pick from somewhere i haven't yet discovered? or do i need to make hundreds of them and they randomly stick to someone? what would you recommend the best/easiest way to add some more fields to application forms, like if i want a product purchase confirmation number to be submitted etc? also, the flickrfeed plugin turns out very wide by me here, causing the body top lose too much weight and look too scrawny. any way i can control the feed display like i can from flickr itself? meaning: # of images, tower or banner etc? WP has some nice plugins for this - would they work here do you think? or is it another real dumb question... thank you so much for your patience and time.
  • You've all done such a great job on vanilla and thank you Mark. Schizo - that includes you too. i downloaded a few of your plugins - i hope they all work ;-) i'd like to think i'm an optimist... like, that i'll discover how one controls where things go in sidebars when there's no widgets (yet) to pull about and flopp into place... shukran.
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    are you arab?
  • Shukran = merci = danke = gracias = emitekati = kiitti = grazzi = qujanaq = dhanyawaadagalu...

    Posted: Thursday, 3 May 2007 at 8:58AM

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    i know what it means. its an arabic word
    the ? threw u off
  • dhanyawaadagalu

    may i ask what language this is?
  • Kannada (India)

    Posted: Thursday, 3 May 2007 at 1:44PM

  • lechlech Chicagoland
    wow, I have never seem so much enthusiasm from forum members.
    Where were u guys when Ahurlygyrl needed help. :)
    I was "away" :)
    can forum members upload their icons or is there a list they could pick from somewhere i haven't yet discovered? or do i need to make hundreds of them and they randomly stick to someone?
    Your forum members should have the space on their own servers or elsewhere to add their own icons unless you're providing a service for hosting their own there. I believe JazzMan created an add-on before I went on hiatus for a while which took care of this option, although I'm unaware of it's current status. This is one of those things that you let your members worry about until you decide to make it your own problem :)
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