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Hi everyone. I (yet again) preface these questions by confessing I'm a dummy and am only 2 years behind everyone else in things technological. But I'm trying to learn, and asking you guys seems to be the best way.

I've got interested a bit in technorati, but when I look up their site, or look it up on Wikipedia, or Google the term, I don't get a lot that explains things.

I wonder would anyone be able to offer me an opinion on these questions please .....

1. Technorati is said to be a search engine just for blogs. Is that a fair statement? Does it actually do more than that?

2. Technorati apparently trawls the web just like Google does, is that correct? And you can also set T tags to make the trawling more comprehensive?

3. Do people out there put Technorati tags all over (a) their blogs, or (b) web pages generally?

4. Is it worthwhile getting involved with (assuming you want people to find you)?

5. Is anything like the same sort of thing? Is it worth thinking about too?

Pretty general questions, I know, but I'd be interested to hear a few ideas to put my brain in the right direction please. Thanks.


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    google Blog search has already taken over Technorati.
    Technorati used to be a huge buzz. but not anymore. Hardly anyone talks about it. is a bookmarking service and yes its worth thinking about more than Technorati.
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    lechlech Chicagoland
    Technorati like other blog search engines simply index your posts when they receive a ping from your site saying there's new content. Nothing really special, it's like a site map index for blogs where they simply archive your crap. Say you make a blog post and tag it as "internet" then Technorati or a similar blog crawler comes by, it will archive the url for that entry and file it under "internet" and any other tags you may have given it. Later if you dare search hard enough through Technorati tags under "internet" you may be lucky and find your content.

    That's about it. As far as goes, it's like digg just less retarded at the moment. Social bookmarks etc and nothing really special beyond that.
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    google Blog search has already taken over Technorati ... but bloglines search still provides better results!
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