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js menu with Vanilla

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I know this post is a long shot but I'm stuck. My site uses frames - header, contents, and main. I use a js menu ( in one frame (contents) and the menu crosses into frame (main) where Vanilla is opened. Everything is well untill I click on a tab in Vanilla ie. "search" when the page loads the js menu bombs. If I refresh the page the menu dissapears completely. Here is the site (still under construction) Thanks


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    You are getting this js error:

    uncaught exception: Permission denied to get property HTMLDocument.body

    continuously. Don't know if that can help you.

    I also Googled and found this link It might be relevant with the src idea. Also, are the js called in the correct order?
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    Thanks jimw, That fix did'nt work. I'm getting a "error on page" message in the information bar at the bottom of the browser window. The dialog box says: Internet exporer Line: 2 Char: 1348 Error: access is denied Code: 0 URL: ContentsL is the frame that contains the menu script Thanks again, I'll continue working on it.
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    I also have a frames issue. I’m using MS FrontPage. I created a frame and set my vanilla discussion group as the default page. I cannot log into that page using the frames but can if it is not in the frame. I would like to keep user on that page so that I can also share music and they can have access to my website's menu. Does anyone have ideas as to why this may not be working? Any help will be great.
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    I figured out the problem with my js menu. In the Vannila admin page under settings - web path to vanilla I needed the complete path. I had http://mydomain I changed it to http://www.mydomain and it works fine. Now I can finaly get off Google. Pansophy, try PageAction=SignOutNow&ReturnUrl= It may work for your problem also.
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    A little more info. I was still having problems with the menu when loggin out then back in. Also the "Guest Sign In" extention broke the menu. I found that when I change the "Web path to vanilla" in the application setting it only change the "BASE_URL" line of code in "vanilla/conf/settings.php". It did not change "$Configuration['FORWARD_VALIDATED_USER_URL'] = 'http://mydomain/vanilla/. I changed it to "http://www.mydomain/vanilla/" and every thing seems fine ....... for now. Posted in case anyone can use the info.
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    I believe that if you remove line 44 from Guest Sign In (<input name="ReturnUrl" value="" type="hidden">) it should work properly. Although, it shouldn't make any difference since it's set to an empty string.

    Come to think of it, perhaps it should be set to :
    <input name="ReturnUrl" value="'.urlencode($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]).'" type="hidden">

    ... that way the user is returned to the page they entered their credentials on.
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    Thanks WallPhone, I'll make the change. Thanks again
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