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Posting offsite hosted images?

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I am a newbie at php/css/java, but I do know some about html. So bear with me please. I want users on my forum to be able to post images that are hosted offsite. Is there a command for doing this with vanilla without extensions? I was using FCKEditor for a while but it doesn't work with vanillacons, which I want to keep. And the only feature I want out of the Editor is the insert image feature. Is there a way to post an image without using something that will stuff up the icon thing? If you can a site which has what you think I'm talking about, could you give me the url so I can check it out and see? I was looking at the Inline Image thing, but I don't know if that is what I need. It doesn't seem to add anything to the forum? I have both those JQ things needed for the thickbox (which I don't really understand what that does.)


  • a simple image tag will work. FCkeditor comes with smilies as well. replace the fckeditor smilies with the vanillicons ones.
  • if you want to link to offsite icons, then yeah, a simple img tag will work. depending on what text formatters you have installed, they may also provide their own formats for linking images.
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    Ok.. Before I started adding extensions I tried the tags <img src="blahblahblah"> And [img]blah[/img] And so on, I think I tried a few others. Could someone tell me what the img tag's are so I can test it out on my forum? I'm not trying to post icons, but just images, like 640x480 jpg's. I just want to be able to do that while vanillacon is working.
  • Testing image <img src=""/>
  • Testing image using html forum selection
  • those are correct img tags for the first one to work u need HTMlformatter, for the second one to work u need ForcedBBcode
  • So if your typing in html format, does it put paragraphs in?
    We'll see.
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    actually it uses br tag for line breaks if u want paragraph tags u will have to add them. although there is no need for it. test it out, and move this post to the testing category
  • I'll look at ForcedBBcode..
    So what is the difference in using "html" over "text" ? Does text to something html won't?
  • text is just text, if u put an html tag in text mode. it will be considered text, and not html.
  • Would there be a good reason not to get rid of the option and leave it on html for all users?
  • sure if u want that then why not.
  • Ok, I tried out the ForceBBcode and it's what I want. I've gotten rid of a few of the options and it still works that thats good. Thank you, you've been a great help.
  • Oh, just another thing. Can I put vanillacons just below the BBcode stuff? Above the text box in other words? And what code needs to be changed for that?
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    look below for the changes
  • Thanks MySchizoBuddy. Your a legend. But after I changed that the icon option doesn't show up when I reply, only when I start a new thread. Ohwell, it's ok where it is right now. Now I have to work on getting it color matched to my site. Thanks again
  • Isn't legend someone who is already dead :S

    plus i made a mistake. use this instead
    $Context->AddToDelegate("DiscussionForm", "CommentForm_PreCommentsInputRender", "CommentForm_Vanillacons"); $Context->AddToDelegate("DiscussionForm", "DiscussionForm_PreCommentRender", "CommentForm_Vanillacons");
  • Awesome. Works great. Cheers mate,
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