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How to add category name to panel?

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I want to write something on panel that changes with viewing different category.
I write as a extention like this

if ($Context->SelfUrl == "index.php") { $AddToPannel = ' <h2>'.$CategoryName.' Related</h2>'....; $Panel->AddString($AddToPannel );}
But I don't know how to get category name value.
Could anyone tell me, please?


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    If you are viewing a specific category than you can use this

    You should also check whether you are actually viewing a category or not
    so do this
    if ($DiscussionGrid->Category != 0) { $AddToPannel = '<h2>'.$DiscussionGrid->Category->Name.' Related</h2>'; $Panel->AddString($AddToPannel );} }
  • It doesn't work It appear nothing in any page.
  • did u just copy paste it
    there is an extra bracket in my code. take it out
    whats ur complete code
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    I want each category has a related link panel.
    The context is from media wiki.
    It's my complete code.
    <?php /* Extension Name: Related Links Extension Url: Description: Using Mediawiki to make a related link panel Version: 0.1 Author: Shenk Author Url: */ if (!defined('IN_VANILLA')) exit(); $Context->Dictionary['RelatedLinks'] = "Related Links"; $WikiURL = "http://myhost/wiki/"; if ($Context->SelfUrl == "index.php") { $LinkInfo = $WikiURL."index.php?title=RelatedLink:".$DiscussionGrid->Category->Name."&action=render&ctype=text/html"; $FileContext = file_get_contents($LinkInfo); $RelatedLinks = ' <h2>'.$Context->GetDefinition('RelatedLinks').'</h2> <div id="RelatedLinks"> '.$FileContext.' </div>'; $Panel->AddString($RelatedLinks); } ?>
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    add this
    if ($Context->SelfUrl == "index.php") {
    $DiscussionGrid = $Context->ObjectFactory->CreateControl($Context, 'DiscussionGrid');

    ur link info won't work cause category names can have spaces in them. u can either not include spaces in ur category names or use urlencode()
  • Thank you. It works^^~~~
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    btw you should be doing this in Nugget Management extension
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    Thank you very much. I didn't figure out this extension can do this before. ^^a.... I'm using this extension to do this function now. ^^~
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