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Users from external database

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Okay, we're about to launch a new service. Now a problem came up and we got stuck with it. This website has its own database of users. The previous version of the website used Vanilla forum, and our client wants to stick with that. So far, the users registered via Vanilla, and then were "imported" into the system. Now it has to work opposite way. There is obviously no option having users register and log in twice. So, the question is: is it possible to run Vanilla with an external database of users? If so, how to do it, avoiding casualties?


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    So there's no such option, right?
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    If you check out the 'people' folder in the 'library' then all the classes which Vanilla uses to validate and authenticate users are in there. Probably the easiest way to achieve what you want, is to replicate the vanilla User table structure in your existing user table (add all the Vanilla columns etc) then change the configuration setting to point vanilla at the correct User table. If everything matches up that should just work straight out the box.
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    Thanks, we tried to do so but encountered the following problems: 1. there is a field in Vanilla database with a verification key which is used to authenticate user registration, I can't find a procedure for this. 2. keeping session between forum and our website is another issue 3. passwords in vanilla database are encrypted. how? (md5?) Has anyone ever done it? Are there any working solutions?
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    The verification key will be created in one of the People functions but I'm not sure which. It shouldn't take long to find it. There is also a lengthy discussion regarding it on this forum from a year or two ago.
    Keeping session data shouldnt be that tricky assuming your cookies are set up properly
    Passwords are encrypted with md5 I believe, yes. All passwords should be encrypted regardless what system theyre kept in.
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    The key is actually generated in framework/Framework.Functions.php. All you need to really know is that its a random md5 hex string.

    If you need to map a similar Vanilla database column to one named differently in your existing table, you can copy its mapping configration out of appg/database.php (houses defaults) and paste the changes into conf/database.php (houses custom configuration)
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    this is interesting. Would it be possible to just authenticate users without storing any password at all? I would prefer to authenticate my users via the LDAP server our Active Directory is based on. This would allow all of the users of our Windows system to sign in with their windows password!
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    spiren: Don't know how you missed seing this! !
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