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IE rendering issues, need some help solving:

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hey all,

after playing around with a couple styles here, i eventually hacked around scene a bit to suit my own needs. unfortunately, a couple of my IE using users have told me that the site is rendered completely unreadable in IE, with weird issues that arise when scrolling, links jumping around, etc. unfortunately, i'm on a mac with no access to any PC running IE, so i was wondering if any of the guys here could take a look and see if they can see what's wrong?

link here


  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Lets just say this style was probably not engineered with IE in mind. I'd say it's a padding/margin issue although there's probably more... the solid borders are dashed and the discussion list starts about 3/4 of the way down the page with other elements barfed up in between. Not sure what this looks like in ie7 (probably worse) but ie6 doesn't like it.
  • IE7 is a little better than IE6, but some things still overlap and scoot down the page. Resizing the browser window will help to see the content, but not for long.

    I would start by playing with #Discussions { ... width 100%; } — make it 99% or 98% and see if that helps. It might be compounded with some margin doubling layout error. If you want to dig, I'd start here: Position Is Everything And here's a good overview of a lot of the problems: On having layout

    Good news: Firefox is free.
  • oh cool, i'm pretty good with CSS, it's just that i didn't know what it looked like in IE so i had no idea where to start. margins/padding is a good heads up though, damn IE box model. thanks guys!
  • Is there something like Paparazzi for WinXP that allows you to screenshot an entire webpage? Cause if there were I'd post some screenshots. Well, if there were and it were free. ;)
  • I just use the screenprint hot key and then paste into Paint.Net (or other graphics program) and then resize the image. There are a lot of WindowsXP utilities but I never tried any.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    There's no free ones from what I can tell. Then again windows doesn't exactly have anything like webkit and cocoa to tie easily into programs like Wevah did with Paparazzi to snag screenshots. There are however a few web-based screen shot services out there, it's too bad not all browsers work across every platform for this purpose :\
  • Rats. I can go the screenprint route, I just hate the cut-n-paste in Photoshop afterwards.
  • I found this one. Although it was made in 2002, it still works.
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