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Good gallery plugin for Wordpress?

3stripe3stripe ✭✭
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I've been testing and testing plugins, Gallery, Exhibition, Singapore, Simple PHP Gallery, but can't find one that is lightweight and does what I want. 1. Must autogenerate thumbnails 2. Must allow for names and descriptions for each image to be edited/added directly in the browser (so my mum can use it!) 3. Ideally integrates easily with Wordpress without too much scabbling about. 4. In a perfect world, it would have a plugin to allow inserting of individual images from the gallery into a post as well. Any ideas! This is driving me nuts, why is WP so bad with images... EDIT - Just found Enhanced Simple PHP Gallery - looks a bit more promising -


  • Ah I do love answering my own posts. That rosy glow of satisfaction. Alothough Simply PHP Gallery seems to save the descriptiosn to a text file, and not mySQL.... dang!
  • So far I haven't found anything good for WP myself ...
  • Yup yup... I find it hard to believe that it is such a hard thing to do with Wordpress. It needs some native support for this stuff - it handles text fine and dandily, but surely at least half of it's users must put images into their blogs?
  • I guess an Image-Blog or Photo-Blog is simply very different from a Gallery? I have a gazillion pictures - but I only use a plugin für uploading and making popups.
  • Yeah I guess they are quite different... but what if you are difficult and want both :-) Ps. what's the crazy swimming pool place on your blog???
  • As much as I remember a shot from Tokyo ... a small place and hardly any people around. ;-)
  • Many WP people seperate Blog & Gallery. So far I haven't any software that can do good media management, a gallery and a blog. Or maybe ... Drupal and Mambo spring to mind ... but I am not speaking from real experience here.
  • I keep my gallery seperate, and I use EUWDPCpix to do it, and it's easy to make it look like your blog

  • orange, what plug-in do you use for images on your blog? im looking for something that will auto upload and resize images, and then insert them into a post. fool-proof for the internet n00b (my parents)
  • @reuben: Still has some bugs and won't work in IE. But in FF it's VERY useful!
  • WPG2 - a plugin for integrating Wordpress and Gallery2
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