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post.php fails to load in IE7 with Attachments 2.1 loaded

edited June 2007 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.3
Hi all,

We've just done a fresh install of Vanilla 1.1.2 and we're having problems posting comments using IE7.

What happens is that after the comment is submitted IE7 displays the standard 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage' error page and stops on post.php. Hitting 'refresh' reloads post.php with a blank set of values. If you then navigate back to the discussion you commented on, your full message is there - present and correct.

This only happens with IE7, Firefox and Safari both work perfectly.

We've tested it across 4 different networks and the error is consistent. Vanilla is installed on PHP 5.2.3 running on IIS5 (Win2K Server). Other PHP sites on the same box have no issues. I've checked the error logs and nothing is written. Sessions are being created fine, cookies are being set.

We've 4 Extensions loaded - Attachments 2.1, Inline Images 1.3, Private Messages 1.1 and Smile 0.6. Disabling them all makes it work fine, so we tested each extension in turn and found that enabling Attachments 2.1 causes the error in IE7.

Does anyone have a clue why this might be happening? If it was a straight PHP error I'd expect it to effect any browser, but the fact that Firefox/Safari cope without any trouble seems to indicate something else is afoot.




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