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Mark Naughty

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Directly stealing off yay but what the hell lol. Any chance of getting an add-on that will mark a thread as Naughty or NSFW?


  • Mark Naughty, sounds like the name of a porn producer.

    Marking a discussion as naughty, doesn't give a user enough information about the discussion content. However, if that's all you want to do, then you could convert the Sink Discussions to Naughty Discussions by simply editing the languages definitions.php file. Look for TextSink and change the definition to "Naughty" from "Sink".
  • But that'll stop them bumping too.
  • A custom discussion label addon would be cool, with some Show [custom] discussions links in the side panel, the same way whispers, bookmarked stuff and so on work.
  • VazVaz New
    edited June 2007
    I just get my users to tag most of there posts when starting discussions [18+ - VIDEO/PIC/WHATEVER] [SWEARING] [HATE SPEECH] thing's like that.
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    This is something I started work on a little bit ago, hoping to get it finished in a couple weeks when I get some more free time.
  • See also here: NSFW Label
  • Ø, that is something I have asked for.
  • Oops, I hadn't seen this discussion, Krak. But yes, this is definitely what I was thinking about. Well if gpreston has started working on it, this would be useful for sure.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Why not just use the category color add-on and throw NSFW threads into that category?
  • The addon I'm working on is tentatively called 'Nominate Category'. It will let privileged users nominate a conversation as a certain category. When 'X' number of votes are reached, that conversation will then be moved to the appropriate category. It will be fluid though, so that as a conversation continues to evolve, its overall topic of conversation could change and need to be categorized as something different. There will be a dropdown list on the left-hand menu to select your vote, and an administrative page to handle configuration settings. I'm still fleshing out the behind the scenes code on paper before I really delve into this, but I've almost gotten it to a point where I feel comfortable with how it functions.
  • Sounds like a cool extension, but not exactly what I had in mind. Cool non the less.
  • Well, simply put, you can have your NWS/NSFW category on the board, and if someone posts something in your General category that needs to be marked as NWS/NSFW, you just vote for it, and if you have it set to 1 vote required, it'll get moved into the NWS/NSFW category right away. Would pretty much act in the same manner that you are looking for I think.

    We also employ the use of the 'Category Filter' extension so that people who don't want to view NWS/NSFW content can just hide the category altogether
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