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Redirect to page after registration?

VazVaz New
edited June 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi, Is there a way in which I can redirect newly registered members towards a particular page? In which file does the edit need to be made? Kind regards, Vaz


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    Anybody able to help?
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    Add this to conf/settings.php and change inside the quotes to whatever you want:$Configuration['FORWARD_VALIDATED_USER_URL'] = './';
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    It works but the problem is that when a member wants to login he always ends up going to that page & not the page he's at or was previously at. I'd like the redirect to be for people who have just registered. Literally straight after & not for everyone who logs in.
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    Are you linking them to the sign-on page from some custom page? then you can use ReturnUrl to bounce the user somewhere else.

    I.E. link to the sign on page with something like:
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    Nope. The users are just clicking login (top right) which has:
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    OH... you want to redirect users to a special URL the first time they sign in...

    Good add-on idea.
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    Yes. I've got my forum setup so it automatically assigns them a role. I don't validate them & decide weither they can join or not. So usually as soon as they signup there straight away logged in. The problem with this method is that it's making previously registered members have to view that page on login too. PS - Is the vbulletin project still in progress or on hold? :P
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    I've been very busy the last few weeks, actually in the process of buying a hosue--

    I still work on it every chance I get. I could bang out a read-only archive version much faster than the whole import process so that your users (and search engines) can at least read the old info if you want.
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    Hey, do anything. You're the master & we're all privalleged to have you here helping. I had another list (once again) of addons but it's on the other pc. I'll post that up later and see if anybody likes the concepts. Thanks guys.
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