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how would I extend the appendix?

unipusunipus New
edited August 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I want to alter the contents that are displayed in the "appendix" (or legend as it should more properly be called). Now, it was trivial enough to find the AddAppendixToPanel function, and I could make changes there, but that would be defeating the whole purpose of having an extension system! So I poked around some more and found how the whispers extension calls its own incantation of the appendix function, which helped a bit.

The problem is that the whispers extension is building a whole NEW appendix where none existed before. What *I* want to do is alter the material the appendix is displaying on any page where it appears. I looked through the extension documentation on the wiki but it didn't help me much. Keep in mind I'm a bit of a hack at programming. :)


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  • umm, I mean, if anyone still wanted to take a stab at my actual question, that might be cool too.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    I don't think anyone reading this understands the actual question of what you're planning on extending the said appendix with... like, sticky, closed, bookmarked stuff? or what?
  • shouldn't matter, should it? any of those would be valid. in this case I'm talking about a category list but I can see potentially adding other things later.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Ok, I still am slightly unsure of what you want to do with said appendix beyond adding to or rebuilding it. Note: there's actually a total of 3 different appendix views (cat, disc, whisp). And variations of each depending how you search. Other then that, I have no clue what exactly it is that you want to do here....
  • you can add to the PANEL easily, but the appendix is more complex. If you want to add to the panel, which I think you probably do, check out the wiki, there is a page explaining this very thing.
  • No, I've been quite clear in what I want to do... add to the appendix. The appendix currently displays two entries on the discussion list: a key for discussions with new posts and one for those without. I want to add additional info so that it consists of perhaps 6-8 items, but preferably without rewriting core functions and certainly without eliminating what's there. If what you're telling me is that there's no way to extend it easily without hacking the original function (which has separate output for the discussions and categories pages, yes) then okay, although I wonder why that would be true. maybe mark could drop in here for just a second...? if not I can probably work out how to rewrite the whole function but I suspect there's a better way.

    *sends out the navsymbol
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Heya Unipus, You can't do that right now. Sorry. You have to go into that function and change it yourself. It sucks. I know. The next rev will have some templating available, and those appendixes will be one of the many things you can template.
  • gotta love the navsymbol ;)

    anyway, thanks, I'll just do that then. hackhackhack.
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