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Mark's Macbook, a year on

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So, it's just over a year ago that Mark got his Macbook Pro. I'm just curious how it's been the last year. Holding up well? Changed your life and even made your teeth whiter?

I'd ask in the old macbook discussion, but it's gotten a Sink for some inexplicable reason. ;)


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    Good post. Tips hat. I would like to get one when my dodgy PC laptop finally starts coughing blood.
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    More blood requires more duct tape!
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    It's been invaluable in debugging cross platform / browser issues. I don't use it for much other than that and playing music (keeps the memory usage on my pc laptop down). Macs are definitely made for "fun".

    Also, when non-computer users come to me and ask if they should get a mac or a pc, I always say mac now.
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    What do you use for web development on the mac? I've been drooling over stuff like coda and thinking that I should switch to mac for my web development stuff. I'm using ubuntu + windows at the moment, and I'd sure like some nice tools and of course photoshop. :)
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    I've got a mac (albeit an old one: it's from 2001), but I have to say, it's never let me down, and even though my webdesign is amateur at best, it's pulled through time and time again. I'd definitely say it's more than just made for "fun". But then, I'm a fanboy.
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    marikka, don't forget that Photoshop is near as damnit identical on both systems ;) (they're faster at different things).

    I keep meaning to take a peek at coda on my Mini, it surely does look nice :)

    Funnily enough, I recommend Macs to non techy people as well - just so long as they don't play any type of games at all, otherwise they're safer sticking with Windows.
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    I still want to get a Macbook. I'll holding out for the next revision. Especially if they've got a multitouch screen.
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    I switched to mac back in november. I was running windows xp and ubuntu. Now its just mac and xp. To be honest, I am rarely in xp anymore. I know this is sort of cliche but my mac just works. I dont have any issues with it. I can spend more time on what I want to do instead of constant tweaking to get it to work. I bought Coda for web work (which im just a baby in) but it is very nice. A friend of mine just got his first mac (macbook pro). He is running windows xp on it via parallels. He said it runs better on his mac then on his pc. He seems to be a happy camper in that regard.
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    Posted: Friday, 6 July 2007 at 10:11AM

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