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Extensions don't respect base URL

edited July 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I've got the WhosOnline and PageMng extensions installed, and both are not using the base url I specified. Web Path to Vanilla: Cookie Path: /forum/ For example, when I click on an username in the WhosOnline panel, I'm directed to: (which results in a 404) It should point to: Same thing happens when I use the Page Management link from the side panel: Any advice is appreciated. ps. I notice that all the http://'s are picked up as hyperlinks -- vanilla doesn't do this by default, right?


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    The linking thing is part of the extended text formatter extension.
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    I don't know about Who'sOnline, but Page Manager seems to link in my test forum just fine...
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    Minisweeper, thanks for the tip -- I've just added that extension. Stash - I've still got the issue... I wonder if it's due to 2 extensions clashing? I don't have the cleanURLs(?) extension enabled, because it seemed to screw some stuff up. Here's what I've got: AcctPictures Discovery ExtendedTxtFormatter HtmlFormatter Notify PageMng ParticipatedThreads Quicktags WhosOnline
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    /me accidentally hacks past your beta password login screens...

    It appears the problem is due to those particular links being built with relative URLs instead of absolute.

    Normally this wouldn't be a problem, except that your page code has <base href="" /> at the top.

    Fix would be to either remove that line (which would break the links in your page navigation, so you would have to then convert the navigation links to absolutes), or append the base URL to the extension's links to make them absolute links.
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    base href is bad news.
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    WallPhone, thanks for taking a look (if you had asked, I would have let you in the front door, instead of the bathroom window ^_^) We ended up modifying the extensions and the links seem to be working well now...
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