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edited July 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I'd like to be able to get rid of the information shown underneath the post in the index, so i can only show the topic text, any way to do this? (Probably an extension right?)


  • I don't think you'll need an extension for that, all you need is to create a new theme and just copy discussion.php from your theme folder to the new theme then omit line 20 through 45 so discussion.php should look like this:

    <?php // Note: This file is included from the library/Vanilla/Vanilla.Control.SearchForm.php // class and also from the library/Vanilla/Vanilla.Control.DiscussionForm.php's // themes/discussions.php include template. $UnreadUrl = GetUnreadQuerystring($Discussion, $this->Context->Configuration, $CurrentUserJumpToLastCommentPref); $NewUrl = GetUnreadQuerystring($Discussion, $this->Context->Configuration, 1); $LastUrl = GetLastCommentQuerystring($Discussion, $this->Context->Configuration, $CurrentUserJumpToLastCommentPref); $DiscussionList .= ' <li id="Discussion_'.$Discussion->DiscussionID.'" class="Discussion'.$Discussion->Status.($Discussion->CountComments == 1?' NoReplies':'').($this->Context->Configuration['USE_CATEGORIES'] ? ' Category_'.$Discussion->CategoryID:'').($Alternate ? ' Alternate' : '').'"> <ul> <li class="DiscussionType"> <span>'.$this->Context->GetDefinition('DiscussionType').'</span>'.DiscussionPrefix($this->Context, $Discussion).' </li> <li class="DiscussionTopic"> <span>'.$this->Context->GetDefinition('DiscussionTopic').'</span><a href="'.$UnreadUrl.'">'.$Discussion->Name.'</a> </li> '; $this->DelegateParameters['Discussion'] = &$Discussion; $this->DelegateParameters['DiscussionList'] = &$DiscussionList; $this->CallDelegate('PostDiscussionOptionsRender'); $DiscussionList .= '</ul> </li>'; ?>

    And you're done! :)
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    you can do this via the .css. i'm using a little extension on my own site that i whipped together that allows each user to toggle which info they want to see, among a couple other little tweaks. if you'd like to give it a shot, let me know. bit safer to do it via the stylesheet in my opinion, but YMMV. just set the elements you don't want to display:none;
  • Thanks, I'll give that a try Greg
  • gauzy, i'd like to see that extension.
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