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RSS Feeds (again!) question...

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Please forgive if this has already been answered/beaten to death. I have searched and read the threads relevant for answers but so far can't find a simple answer to a seemingly simple question: How do I enable an RSS feed of new posts on my forum? I know there are RSS extensions and i've tried every one of them. I get errors with all of them, so i'm guessing one of two things is happening: Either i'm so useless that i can't follow instructions or there are genuine problems with the extensions i've tried to use. Of all of them, FeedPublisher 0.2.0 seems to be the right one, but when I enable it, I keep getting "No Input File Specified". I've looked through the instructions and scanned the forums, but i really don't know what's going wrong. Has anyone an idea of what's going wrong? Thanks!


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    With the RSS2 Feed add-on you can get a feed of new posts when you search for comments with a blank input field. Like here:
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    dan39dan39 New
    edited July 2007
    Feed Publisher harnesses the blank-search feature of the RSS2 add-on and takes it a step further by fixing the major bugs in the RSS2 add-on (pagination, last-comment display, HTML-add-on integration, etc.) You'll get the best results with FeedPublisher, but you need to pay close attention to how you set up the category feeds. You basically have to configure a search-based feed URL for each of your categories for it to work on your forum. There's an easy way to tell if FeedPublisher is working. Do a search for something and then try to activate the feed for the results of that search. If the feed renders, then things are in good shape for the rest of the feeds. If not, then try to remove some of the other add-ons on your forum to see which ones are conflicting with it. Now, if the search feeds are working, then the add-on is probably working fine because Feed Publisher uses search-based feeds to render most of the feeds on your site -- with exception to the individual comment feed within each individual discussion, but that code is pretty much identical to the RSS2 add-on. Anyway, if either your individual category feeds or your "all discussions" feeds are not working, but the search-result feeds are working, then you haven't set up the Add-on correctly. You need to re-read the instructions and take a closer look at the categories config file that comes with Feed Publisher.
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    Thanks for the info guys, it's made things quite a bit clearer. Not sure why I missed that it's all about search results! Much appreciated.... :-)
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