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Fatal errors with "addTab" extensions

edited August 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Using Vanilla 1.1.2, it seems that certain extensions that include an "addTab' command will return a fatal error if a user clicks on the "Sign Out" function of Vanilla. I have tested this with two extensions, "Members Page" and "Private Messages." If either or both of these is enabled, a fatal error is returned after clicking "Sign Out" referencing a line in their default.php file with an "addTab" command. If both are disabled, the Vanilla software functions properly. I have made sure I am using the latest versions of the extensions and I have read all the tips on the community forum discussing these two extensions.

Please let me know if anyone has an idea what I can try. I'd really like to have the functionality of these extensions but I also would like for members to be able to sign out of the forum Is perhaps a reinstall of Vanilla necessary? Thanks.


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    Likely what is happening is that those extensions are trying to add the tab when the menu object doesn't exist (on every register, sign-out, sign-in etc. page).

    The best way to fix would be to check for existence of the menu object and skip over all the extension's code if it doesn't exist:<?php // All standard extension headers here (author, version, url, etc.) if (isset($Menu)) { // Actual extension code goes here } // Normal end of extension line follows ?>
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    Thank you I will give it a try and report back. I appreciate your time!
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    edited August 2007
    Ah drat. I added your if statement and enclosed the functional parts of both extensions in brackets, but no luck. Not knowing anything about programming php I'll ask what may be a dumb question: does the if statement need closure (like an endif) or is that accomplished by the brackets?

    Thanks again and if anyone has additional thoughts I am open to give it a try. For now I've just advised our users simply to not click "sign out."
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    Yah, the closure is the end curly brace just above "// Normal end of ext"... all existing code should be inserted above that, with the exception of the ?>
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    .. and exception of the comments block at the top. I guess to make it simpler, just add the IF line before the existing code starts and the } line before the existing code ends. Everything else should remain the same
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    Yes, that's exactly what I did but unfortunately it didn't change the behavior. Hmm. I assume this is not happening to everyone else using these extensions so it must be something unique to my installation. I will try to disable everything else and see if they do this all by themselves. Could be some hidden incompatibility I suppose.

    Thanks again.
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    I took a look, and both extensions already check for this before working with the menu--so there may be something else setting the $Menu variable or mucking with the isset() function...

    You could try returning the extensions back to their factory default code, then wherever you find isset($Menu) inside the code, replace it with ($Context->SelfUrl != 'people.php') which literally changes 'Do this if $Menu exists' to 'Don't do this on the people pages'.
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    OK, I got it to work. I am not sure why, but here's what I did. I disabled all extensions and tested Vanilla with no add-ons. All was well. Then I enabled Memberspage by itself, and it worked. Hmm, must be a conflict with something else, I thought, so I enabled Private Message next since it was the other that had given me fatal errors. It worked as well, and the two worked together. OK, something else, so I went through the list of extensions adding them back in one by one, each time testing the Sign Out function. Low and behold I got all my desired extensions back on and everything functions. Is it possible the order of enabling the extensions is important?

    In any case, I am a happy camper for now as everything is working perfectly. My fingers will remain crossed, however.

    Thank you WallPhone for your assistance - and for your extensions. I am using your Duplicate Email checker and it is very helpful.
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    Yes, the order of enabling is important--it determines partially in what order that the extensions will execute. Handy to do things like change the order of links that appear in the comment header--or order of links in the panel, assuming they have the same weight. It never dawned on me that a conflict could be resovled this way--perhaps that is something we should start suggesting when troubleshooting.
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    You said: It never dawned on me that a conflict could be resolved this way--perhaps that is something we should start suggesting when troubleshooting.

    Wow, I am very happy if my issues might help make things easier for this community in some small way. Thanks for that!
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