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Bugs with IE7

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Hi all! I love this forum, but I have no ideas how to solve some problems: 1. IE7 css bugs with big white space before topic list 2. IE7 bug with submitting new message You can see bugs and test here: 3. Besides, there are problems with RSS, Atom and Opera - unexpected text (non-whitespace text outside root element) 4. I tried to install CategoryPageFirst extention, but find bug: I can't see topics in categories, I can see only categories list...


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    Any ideas? My installed extensions: Attachments 2.1 Maurice (Jazzman) Krijtenberg Allows users to attach files to their comments. Category Filter 1.1 Maurice (Jazzman) Krijtenberg Let users block/unblock categories from the panel Comment Links 1.3.2 WallPhone Provides true permalinks and a handy 'copy to cipboard' menu with options for currently enabled formatters. FeedPublisher 0.2.0 Christophe Gragnic, Dan Richman (CrudeRSS), Mark O'Sullivan (RSS2, ATOM) Handles feed publishing. Based on CrudeRSS, RSS2 and ATOM. Google Analytics 1.2 dinoboff / ithcy Adds google analytics code to your vanilla forum pages. Guestsense 0.3 WallPhone, based on existing code by Alexis Bellido Adds Google Adsense at the top of the discussions IP History 1.0.1 Mark O'Sullivan Adds a complete summary of all IP addresses a user has ever had (and who has shared those IP addresses) to their profile. Note: you must have IP logging turned on in order to record and display this data. Meta Tags 1.0 Chris Vincent Adds a meta tags to the header ModTools 0.06.10b jawele Allows users to mod comments and discussions. Sitemaps 0.1 David Kitchen (buro9 on Generates an sitemaps.xml file of all discussion and account URLs on the forum Thankful People 1.2 Maurice (Jazzman) Krijtenberg Instead of having people post appreciation and thankyou notes they can simply click the thanks link and have their username appear under that post (MySchizoBuddy) Tinymce 1.4.1 MySchizoBuddy (Vanilla extension) and Dinoboff; Add a WYSIWYG editor to the comment form Who's Online 1.2 Who's Online 1.2 David Knowles, Julien Cassignol, Michael Schieben Adds a "who's online" list to the panel. bug #2: IE7 conflict with Attachments 2.1 bug #3: FeedPublisher 0.2.0 conflict with another extensions... May be some extentions should be part of forum? For example, Who's Online, Attachments, Category Filter, FeedPublisher, Tinymce. Easy categories navigation, uploading files and pictures, who is online, RSS, adding smiles and links in messages are standart forum functions. And, for example, IPB, phpBB, vBulletin, etc. includes this functions by default. I tried use extensions but find a lot of errors with css (not very big problem) and bugs if I use many extensions. I need IE7 support and I need Attachments. I need RSS too, but I can't delete other extensions. So main problem: forum is cool, extension+forum work ok too, but forum+extention+ext+ext... very bad work together. If some popular extensions will be part of forum, we solve this problem. Good luck, Alexander
  • P.S. Can you publish list of your extensions, please: I will be sure what this extensions can work togather.
  • If you wanna encourage people not to use IE6 put this line of code at the top of your page.
    Probably does nasty things in IE7 too.


    So what's it do? Maybe you can guess...

    Posted: Tuesday, 7 August 2007 at 2:14PM

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