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LightGallery - an extension in it's early stage

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Hi, since this is still very much in development and just an early alpha version, I didn't want to add it to the Addon-List yet. Nevertheless I want to show you what I created :-) Download, Info & Demo: Requirement: You need GD2 enabled! Most hosters have done so. Additional Information: I tested it with php 5 and vanilla 1.1.2 Alex


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    That looks promising.

    How about making the lightbox part a separate Vanilla extension (like I did with JQThickBox) and then enabling the admin to choose whether they want to use LB or TB (and others as they get added)?
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    I'm going to try out ThickBox, bot so far it seems LightBox is really much much better for image-only-purposes However a separate extension should be possible, I'm gonna look at JQThickBox to see how it's done there :-)
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    Very nice start. Any chance to allow users to upload with ThickBox?
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    Alright, so what I got is: LightBox
    and a new version of LightGallery which now depends on LightBox

    LightBox can be included by
    $Head->AddScript('js/prototype.js'); $Head->AddScript('js/scriptaculous.js'); if(!defined('LIGHTBOX_EXTENSION')) die('ADMIN: please make sure to include the LightBox extension BEFORE this one. Simply uncheck both and include in the correct order<br><a href="' . GetUrl($Context->Configuration, 'settings.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=Extensions') . '">Settings -> Extensions</a>'); includeLightBox();
    I'm not really satisfied with this way one has to include LightBox, maybe something nicer will come up ;-)

    As far as I can see without actually having your script, you just included LightBox into Vanilla's header?
    I don't like having scripts included on every page, so mine has to be told to show up. And I added a small Settings page

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    I've always thought LightBox was much more elegant than ThickBox.
    Nice work. pic

    Posted: Tuesday, 7 August 2007 at 7:31AM

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    AlexL and I had a bit of a chat about this and he's figuring out some great stuff. Hopefully he'll release it soon for us all to see :) His extension was miles better than mine, but I may have learnt something, so it's all good.

    P.S. he cheated as he can actually code PHP :P
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    Last update before putting both on the AddOn list tomorrow :) LightGallery 0.0.0 gamma moved settings to ExtensionOptions Friendly-Urls-extension.php-bug avoided LightBox 2.03.3 - b developers: LightBox auto loads prototype and scriptaculous moved settings to ExtensionOptions
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    Might want to change that no known issues at the moment as I get this when I hit save when trying to change the settings with PrettyURLs on.

    Settings saved

    Notice: Undefined index: REWRITE_extensions/LightBox in on line 530

    Notice: Undefined index: REWRITE_extensions/LightBox in on line 530
    LightBox js and css created

    Interestingly enough, it appears to write out the files just fine...

    Also, I'm getting paths with double slashes in var fileLoadingImage=""; var fileBottomNavCloseImage="" I'm sure it doesn't really matter, but... :)

    Also, I'm getting no images... it's requesting it needs a Pretty URL thing...
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    LightBox 2.03.3 - c released :-) tested with web_root "/" and "/forum/" with Friendly-Urls extension enabled and disabled
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    Extensions online --> Addons --- closed --- :-)
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