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Download-all option for extensions?

edited November 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Given the small size of most extensions, would it be possible to have a download-all link for those who want to evaluate (or troubleshoot) them in groups?


  • yeah, you are right, that would provide an easy way for extension developers to check for conflicts with all the other extensions out there at once but I don't know if it's that easy. usually you have to spend some minutes with each extension to set it up propperly. what would happen if you upload 200 of them at once?
  • ...just don't enable the ones you're not ready to try? :)
  • This would be kinda handy...

    You know what else would be really handy? An option to only have enabled extensions versions checked (I think this should be default - would reduce the load on the updates server) AND the ability to turn off checking on extensions you specify. When you have a long list of extensions installed (and not necessarily enabled, like my testing server) it takes an AGE to check for updates.
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    edited August 2007
    OK, so I downloaded all 231 extensions (only) from the addons site and put them all together for easy download (3MB) new smaller download below &ndash download 7-zip if you need to. Might be useful to a few of you extension devs out there.

    But Mark, please can we have this (and the selective versions checking that I mentioned above) as an option?
  • haha, nice work now all you have to do is include every single update :)
  • I don't want to release any more updates now, I feel like I am going to invalidate all of [-Stash-]'s hard work. xD

    Good job, though,

  • Haha updates XD

    This isn't planned as a long term solution, especially not when a computer could do it automatically after being told what to do just the once ;) I just hope it's useful for someone.
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    edited August 2007
    To save myself some bandwidth and because angelic_venus was so kind (I've included SubCats 0.2.0), here's a smaller (1.7MB) version that has all extensions extracted from their archives. They are inside a directory named exactly as their archive was instead, due to some extensions being archived without proper paths, file system crud etc. It also allows you to see the version number and date of the extension.
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    edited November 2007,%20Addons,%20All%20249%20Extensions,%202007-11-14_03-23-11.7z,%20Addons,%20All%20249%20Extensions,%20Archives,%202007-11-14_03-23-11.7z They're bigger now as they're no longer solid archives (makes it quicker to pull out whatever you need). Also, I've deleted all .DS_Store, __MACOSX and .svn files/folders - I forgot to kill the thumbs.db files, so sue me :P
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