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promotional suggestion for site owners

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I was thinking about how to create more links to my site, and after months of work have came up with an idea to contact site owners at lussumo.. why don't we exchange links? i can offer you several PR3 or 4 homepage and inside links, and you would place my link at whatever site you own.... we could do this in a routine manner, like you paste your linking details and pages that you can offer, then someone else places your links and posts his details, then i see all these links and put them on my sites and paste my details and so on... this way we can significalty increase link popularity for each of us.... what do you think?


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    This sounds something like the BlogRoll in WordPress. Sounds good to me. By the way, what is PR3 and 4?
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    VazVaz New
    edited August 2007
    Google Page rank 3 / 4

    so if I type in cat.. my site on cats should come up on the 3rd 4th page (correct me if im wrong)
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    Sounds like an add-on idea. PR is a bit more complicated than that... its the green bar you see in the Google toolbar, the higher the number, the higher your "popularity" as determined by who links to you. The number is a bit biased--one example is that for a while, Adobe had a PR of 10 (because of all the download flash and acrobat links scattered around everywhere), while Yahoo didn't, despite Yahoo actually being much more popular.
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    edited August 2007
    Yes, PR is PageRank, and it is determined by the number of factors, actually, WallPhone, one of which is links to your site,,... PageRank is actually the Google's rank of the page, from 0 to 10... PR plays an important role in determining your site's importance and relevancy... the higher the PR, the more relevant you are for your content (two pages with exactly the same content would popup in google results differently if they have different pagerank)...

    for link exchange, PR is espacially important, because (by google formal definition), a link from site A to site B is considered by google as a vote of site A for site B. And part of site A's PR is passed to site B, which actually increases site B's PR. this is why i said i can offer PR3 and 4 pages....

    To learn more, google for "google technology" or "pagerank" and believe me you will be bombarded with information on that topic...

    now, back to the topic... WallPhone, what do you mean? how can an addon help here? what would it do? if i can, i would love to help, but i have no idea on how to create addons, couse i don't yet consider myself skillfull enough in php..

    edit: turned to html format :)
    edit2: to see PR, download the google toolbar
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    edited August 2007
    ok,,,, instead of elaborating on the topic, i will start:

    here is the link that i would love you guys to post whereever possible:

    Title: Custom essay
    Description: All kinds of papers for high school, college, and university students. Delivery modes vary starting from 6 hours. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    HTML:<p><a href="" title="NeWavEssays"><b>Custom essay</b></a><br /> All kinds of papers for high school, college, and university students. Delivery modes vary starting from 6 hours. Satisfaction guaranteed.</p>

    I can put your links to the following pages: (entire site ~20 pages, PR4) (PR3) (single page, PR4) (any page, PR2 and down)

    Does this make sense now?

    this "game" can only bring results if the links are permanent!!
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    Sounds like a great idea! :)

    I put your link on this page (PR4):

    And I would appreciate it if you put my link on PR4 too:

    URL: Title: Vent Swap Description: Share your thoughts, get inspired or just figure things out!

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    edited August 2007

    I have added link to your site at: (PR3) (PR0) (PR4)

    If its possible, please change the anchor text of my link from the url to "Custom essays".

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    oh, and I think it would be fair that on whatever page you put a link, please put a link to or .. I think it would be fair, couse after all we must thank Mark and and the community in some way... .. what do you think? (already put one)
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    edited August 2007
    I can't add the anchor text for your link on that page because I'm using some silly plugin and it won't allow me to do it but if you still want the anchor text, I can add it on this page which is also PR4. Let me know, thanks.
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    edited August 2007
    yes please... couse the anchor text is very important for me.. . i wish i understood the content of that page, but i believe its pure content, so feel free to omit link description if you like.. edit: let me know when you update, thanks
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    Done! :)
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    edited August 2007
    great... thanks you...... any more links from site owners?? guys, if you don't yet know that links are important for your website (unless its some yahoo, google, or lussumo or the like), make sure you read the information about it on the web... links are very very important in determining the popularity and relevancy and positioning in search engines... so don't pass this discussion, but join us and help promote your website and lussumo as well....
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    I've never had a lot of visitors on my forum, but primarily use it for development and testing. If you want to put a link for me, here it is:
    <p><a href="" title="YouLearn"><b>YouLearn</b></a><br /> Ask some questions about what I teach about communications and web design and development and I'll try to help. This is also a testing sandbox for my Vanilla add-ons and others.</p>
    I'll put your link in my Links section in the sidepanel.
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    thanks, ive placed your link at if you want, i can offer another pages on other sites, but on this blog the link remains on all pages, so i think itsthe best option... also, could you please change the anchor text of my link,, remove the description and simply have the title... thanks
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    This proposal is a great idea, however it's gonna get awkward, confusing and difficult to maintain/update.

    What is required, I think, is a data file (XML, text, JavaScript, PHP...) hosted somewhere central, then if required, it could be manually copied to local servers (to reduce the load). This central data file could be maintained by someone with a notification when it's updated so participants may update their local copies.

    There could be a number of display options...
    * List all links on the list (could get cumbersome if lists gets big)
    * List a link from the list at random (space saving but limits exposure)
    * List 5 links at random...

    Just something to think about. I have a system where participants provide a small 88x31px gif with a link to their site. It is displayed at random with every page load.
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    edited August 2007
    I was thinking about making a similar system to that where users would be able to add a link to there site(is that system in plugin form by chance?) and a template function to display a number of random links... If ya had such a plugin you could add a rss(or atom, or just some method of returning an ad to an external site) feed too it so other site owners could "share" your users links and display them as well. then ya could add the plugin here and have everyone add there vanilla links, plus you could also exchange user link sets with other vanilla sites with similar content. from what I under stand strictly outbound links aren't as good as reciprocal links, but if they have related content there still usefull...
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    Quote: Redi Jedi
    pic is that system in plugin form by chance? pic
    No mate, not in any sort of form, just some JavaScript that randomises html pages and displays it in an iFrame.
    I know, I know, iFrame, ooooooooh, security risks, conspiracy theories... blah, blah, blah... pic

    Posted: Friday, 24 August 2007 at 2:52PM

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    edited August 2007
    @ Redi Jedi: one-way links are far more valuable than reciprocal links..

    @ Wanderer: what you are talking about is a cool complex grand scale application, but what i offer here is an immediate exchange between us, vanillers.. plus, random links are a failure, because they only work when they are permanent

    instead of thinking about what plugin or parameters this type of application (or whatsoever) requires, Sjeeps, Jimw, and I have already done the first step, we have exchanged links and added links to getvanilla/lussumo, this way helping keep vanilla free and supporting the community.... I suggest that instead of thinking about the app, please post your linking details and offer pages.. I am sure most of you guys run vanilla forums, and these are also great subjects to link exchange..

    I hope for your cooperation. it takes 5 minutes and helps your site and the community. so why not go for it?
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    last try,
    guys, im sure most of you own forums and blogs, so pleas consider exchanging links... thanks....
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    I really do understand your motives crash_D. but your current method is sloppy and prone to broken/redundant links which will drive people away rather than encourage them to click links.

    My suggestion is not complex nor grand, a simple common data text file that can be used by all in your group and styled as required on each site.

    Think down the track for a minute when you have say 200+ people exchanging links and someone needs to make a change to theirs and believe me they will, it's already happening. With no central option, a 2-minute exercise will turn into a too-hard-forget-it situation.

    There are many clever people here who could help with the format and extraction of data from the txt file as well as the CSS to display it.

    One of the bits of data could be a tag for each link so you could choose to exclude certain links from the array, for example; exclude all links tagged "adult". The growth possibilities are endless once the simple structure is put into place.

    A great concept but you need to do it right.

    Posted: Saturday, 25 August 2007 at 9:40AM

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