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. (macmini)

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Sorry to be a lame spamwhore, but if people are willing to sign up for this (you have to choose one of the offers, screenselect is a free trial (it does require card details but if you cancel within 21 days they wont charge you) and you only need the account for a couple of weeks) and i get the mac mini at the end of it theres £10 (well lets face it, its a few beers) for anyone who helped! (to save you the effort of copying and pasting, )


  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    *contemplates banz0r*
  • at least shorten the title mini, its overlapping.
  • *contemplates closing thread*
  • jesus, this guy deserves douchebag status. somebody get a mod over here. oh. wait.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    personal note: locate and chokeslam mini...
  • well i gotta live up to my title...
  • that's tacky dude..
  • Are people still trying to spam boards with this stuff? Sheesh..
  • How many people do you need to sign up? If you are giving away free beers to these people, would it not make sense to use THAT money to but the mac mini? It must require LOTS of people to register before they give you one.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Hey, if you guys can get 5000 people to download the next rev of Vanilla, Mini will buy me a beer. Can you get on that? OKTHXBYE
  • For you mark, anything.
  • and if mini buys mark 5 million beers then i get a free widescreen tv k?
  • you got it. while were at it, I need a new car.
  • nathan i need between 3 and 5 more people depending how many have actually followed the offer through (i only needed 10 to begin with) and i'd rather spend £50 on beer than £300 on mac minis :) Mark you're welcome to any number of beers any time any place (assuming i can get there)
  • >> nathan i need between 3 and 5 more people So, 4 people? :D So, if I sign up, and then cancel my registration, you still get the points? If that is the case, I SHOULD be able to lend a hand. Thanks for the GIANT title by the way. It screwed my palm view of things. I have just turned off my history for a while.
  • haha. why dont you like the palm stylesheet? i thought it was quite nifty. And i'm not sure who out of the list of people who have signed up to the giveaway site have actually completed an offer from the list, therefore i dont know how many i need. If you sign up all the way through and keep your screenselect (or other) account until i get credited for it (5 business days) then i believe thats fine.
  • My palm used the standard css file. I told it to. The handheld style is great.
  • In other news, i have 5 completed referrals now, so i need 5 more!
  • minisweeper, what's it like in the middle of a pyramid scheme? hahaha
  • edited August 2005
    rather like being in the middle of a pyramid. Have you ever been? Theyre horrible places! The best part is that of the 10 refferals i have (assuming the last 5 worked - they were false card details but they worked the first time round), 9 were me. It'd be a pretty steep pyramid.
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