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"Keep Vanilla Free" sponsored links

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When I upgraded from version 1.0.x to 1.1.2, I was caught by surprise by the links that suddenly appeared in the side panel. I thought maybe I was hacked since one of the links was for an online casino. I did a lot of searching in the scripts before finding the option on the admin control panel. Here's the deal. I like to have control over what ads appear anywhere on my website, but I also understand Mark's desire to be compensated for his hard work. I have unchecked the option for allowing the text ads, but I am willing to do one of the following: 1. Send a small annual donation to Mark directly through PayPal. 2. Put up a Google targeted ad with Mark's client number (if this is allowed by Google). 3. Put up my own Google targeted ads and donate whatever income I earn from that channel. 4. Put up a PayPal donation box directed to Mark's account and let anybody who posts on my forum decide whether or not to donate. Which is the preferred option? Are those ads that Mark has incorporated pay-per-click or pay-per-impression?


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    These ads don't track impressions. I don't believe the advertiser is paying for clicks, rather paying for exposure. I have actually turned on the links--and am considering doing option 3 as well. Don't really have any members to make option 4 worthwhile.
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    The PayPal donation box is not really an option for me either. I was putting it out there as an idea for those who have high traffic communities. The unfortunate thing is that if the advertiser is paying for exposure, that exposure is lessened by each of us who chose different means to support Mark. I'm leaning more towards the first option for its simplicity. I prefer to keep my forum ad-free.
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    see also:
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    This is the first time i see the donate page of, pointed out by wallphone.
    Mark mentioned it as a past attempt, but is it still a link to this page from lussumo site or is it a black hole?

    My own strategy will be to manage a donation for each active installation of vanilla, the donation-ware paradigm.
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    Put some Google Adsense on the sidebar of this vanilla: 3 of the widest skyscraper Adsense layouts should do the trick adding a small regular income to the Vanilla pot. That should help the 'help keep Vanilla free' campaign.
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    Been there done that. Did help a bit but not enough to make it worthwhile apparently.
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    Well I knew it was quite obvious but worth a mention, surely there would be room for both Adsense and the 'make a donation button above.' Some of the 200+ pages here are bound to pay and when traffic increases like a new version release it can't be a bad thing. Maybe cover the hosting costs of with visitors Adsense clicks and cost per 1000 views. I know of a similar site traffic wise (according to with a Vanilla forum that earns a persons basic wage from Adsense.
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    I think the problem with adsense here is that everyone knows what is adsense, and every wants to see their content, but not the content offered by goog or other context advertising... so none of us actually clicked those links, which is why Mark has removed them... This is a rare case when a large community like this does not generate revenue from adsense, and the reason is that we are all developers, designers, and know the web etc... if it were a car or medical community, i think the problem would already have been solved tenfold...

    My philosophy is that for every answer I receive in the forum (and i do receive them, which is why i love lussumo), I must provide a minimum of one good answer in return (otherwise i would be an unjust taker) and put a link to lussumo wherever i can... as for the financial compensation, I cannot afford donating a decent sum right now...

    so I believe the best way for Mark is to contract with some sponsors, for the product of which we are target market... context advertising is the first thought, but its a failure because we are all so used to it that we ignore it (correct me if im wrong)... but a very specifically targeted banner inside a discussion, which would naturally interest us, like some new device or a new javascript library, css fun tests or a mega addon for firefox... these, i believe, would be great, but only on CPI basis, not per click... And of course, the donation button for the more financially free members of the forum...
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    That said does well from Adsense from what I understand, mostly developers, designers too. Bring on the cost per 1000 ads if it helps keep vanilla free. The question is would Adsense or a couple of cost per 1000 ads slow down the forum by much. Google has changed the rules I think so both ads and rival ads can be used at the same time.
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