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another stupid fun: paste your desktop screenshot :)

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here i am

crash_D. desktop, 24-08-2007

edit: hope this would make us know each other better :-)


  • Here is my desktop:

  • And mine...

    Pic it's not always this tidy, I did a spring clean before I snapped it!

    Posted: Saturday, 25 August 2007 at 9:51AM

  • You have a creepy picture of yourself on your desktop - why?
  • That's the user-menu, it contains a list of people with user accounts on my Mac.
    The picture denotes the current user, so if it's creepy, it must be me!
    If it's beautiful, it's either my wife or my niece...

    Posted: Saturday, 25 August 2007 at 10:06AM

  • LOL @ Stash & Wanderer

    Appropriately, the two things that consume all my free time.
  • StashStash
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    Snap Wallphone =D Perhaps I should thumbnail this...

    [-Stash-]'s desktop as of 2007-08-25_02-22-49
  • KrakKrak New
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    Kept it messy.

  • you play ag/cs/hl stash? ...
  • CS, HL2DM once in a blue moon. Mostly DC at the moment. Very much looking forward to TF2 though :)
  • NickENickE New
    edited August 2007

    (and just so I'm not totally disregarding the flickr guidelines, you can find a link to my flickr account in my user page :-P )
  • Currently unavailable...
  • edited August 2007
    It's actually my July desktop, but I haven't made any changes since. I have a weird obsession with keeping my desktop clean. All the goodness of XP + a hint of Vista + Leopard.

    Resilients Desktop
  • Mine:
    No spring cleaning either...i tidied it a while ago and kept it that way since.
    Hopefully soon I will have a desktop looking very similar to wanderers...
  • I see a widescreen, am I the only one with dual monitors? Screenshots are the window to ones soul. haha
  • Pretty tricky running dual monitors on a laptop :) I used to have them..
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    What's so tricky about it?
    I do it all the time, in both mirror mode, projection mode and... whatever the other mode is called. pic

    Edit: Extend mode that's it. When presenting one-to-one or to a small group I use mirror. With a 17" PowerBook I rarely need to extend unless I feel like showing off.

    Posted: Tuesday, 28 August 2007 at 5:50PM

  • Well the main issue i've found so far is finding an elusive floating wireless monitor...
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    I have a second monitor (to my laptop's one), which I plug in when at home. I don't use it to extend my desktop very often, though, I usually just start my laptop closed and use an external mouse and keyboard.
  • Actually yes, I do work dualscreen - I just don't current have the desk space for it at home (although I do switch between Mac Mini and PC on the one Widescreen).

    Here's what it is today:
    Work Desktop, 2007-08-28
    And these are what it changes to depending on my mood:
    Work Desktop, 2007-08-28
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