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Discussions & Categories not showing when signed out

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Hey guys,

I'm a new Vanilla user and absolutely love it! The learning curve is amazingly easy to pick up on, especially for a web designer (not developer hehe). So far I have had no major problems, not even the one I'm about to outline in this discussion (I hope!).

I have a number of extensions installed on my Vanilla setup and all of them are working perfectly with no clashes whatsoever. The problem I'm having is when I have signed in, all discussions and categories show as expected. However, if I am signed out and accessing the site as a guest, there is nothing to display. On the main page, I am presented with nothing but "No discussions found" and a blank categories page.

I have tried disabling all the extensions one by one to figure out where something may be going wrong, however still no luck, the same message appears signifiying there are no discussions or categories. I have checked user roles to see if anything there would be preventing the discussions and categories from showing, but everything there is set properly.

Would anyone have any idea as to why this may be happening? It can be a bit of a "put off" for new visitors wanting to browse the site before deciding wether or not to join.

Many thanks in advance.


  • What add-ons do you have activated?
  • This is a comment from one newbie to another, but do you have the "Allow non-members to browse the forum" application setting enabled?
  • jimw, the extensions I have enabled are as follows; AddComments, BBCodeParser, Comment Links, Discussion Pages, Discussion View Count, Duplicate Email Check, Extended Text Formatter, Forum Statistics, HTML Formatter, JQMedia, JQThickbox, JQuery, Nuggets, Page Manager, Quicktags, Report Post and Sitemaps. dyohn, yeah I have that enabled. If it weren't, the guests would just be directed to the sign in page automatically.
  • Did you resync your pages? I do this all the time when I activate an add-on that creates a Page or tab in the navigation menu. I wonder why I can't see what the add-on is supposed to do and then I remember I forgot to resync. See if that helps. Otherwise double check the roles and permissions you have set on the categories, etc.
  • You got a URL and a test user l/p we can use? That would probably be most helpful in solving your problem ;)
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    Sure, the site can be found at and accessed with the username "guest" and password "ilovevanilla"

    I've password protected the directory as I don't want anyone visiting it until development is over with. Feel free to join and mess around with things if need be. I'm probably going to setup a fresh install of Vanilla once this problem is figured out.
  • I think you still need to provide a user account for testing when signed in?

    Posted: Monday, 27 August 2007 at 4:07PM

  • I'm not sure how I can make an account without a valid email address other than my own, that's why I've left it open for you to freely sign-up yourselves if it would make things easier. If you could guide me on how to make an account and would prefer the latter, I'm more than willing to. :)
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    Can the Unauthenticated role see Discussions and Categories? Please check the settings.

    Also check the Page Management settings for Discussions and Categories.
  • Yep, unauthenticated can according to my settings.
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