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Mark, on this install of Vanilla (on lussumo), on the dropdowns for category selection... above the "Stickies" category, there is a "---" marker which is not selectable (see the categories dropdown at the top of the panel to the left, or at the top of form when creating a new discussion). Is this hardcoded, or an extension not on the installed extensions list, or some feature I didn't know about?

edit: seems to have an ID of -1, *tries adding a category with ID -1 to his local install*



  • i see no such ---

    *adjusts goggles
  • Really? Above the Stickies category? Hold on...

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    image, que? =)

    edit: must be a hack of some sort, http://lussumo.com/community/?CategoryID=-1 that is the --- category on this forum, you can see it puts the Categories dropdown to have the --- selected on the left. I can reproduce on my forum, that by setting a category to have an id of -1, it will not display a page like the link I just provided on this forum... so I imagine this vanilla just has some code to tell the drop down that it should not let it be selectable.
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    '---' in this case is used as a divider between unblocked (top) and blocked (bottom) categories.

    In the Category Jumper extension, it's called in default.php on line 47:
    $Select->AddOption('-1', '---', " disabled=\"true\"");

    As well as in library/Vanilla/Vanilla.Control.(Comment|Discussion)Form.php.
  • I only see this (fx2.0.0.6, WinVista):

  • Very strange indeed. The only reason that I am asking, is that one of the extensions I am planning, will involve categories that do not appear on the categories list as a category, but as a sub header... I thought I might be able to manipulate this code to help me.

    *ponder ponder ponder*

    Thanks for pointing me at the code, bshultz.

  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    bshultz is correct. If you go to the category page and block a few categories, and then go back to the discussion page, the ones you blocked will appear below the dashed line. It's a hard-coded thing in the extension, I think.
  • Okay, this makes sense... I forgot I blocked those two categories. Thanks Mark.

  • Ahhhhhhhhhh, I see. I've never blocked any cats, that'll be why :D Perhaps a better way would be to have something styled bold such as "Blocked Categories" instead of the --------?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Yeah, that's definitely a better idea...
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