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Migrating Vanilla from localhost to server

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Hi all,

Just a quick question as to what the best method would be to transfer my local vanilla setup onto my server? How would I go about doing it? Data loss isn't an issue as it was just a development setup and so all data was test anyway. Many thanks in advance.


  • The best think to do is to install the forum on your forum, to transfer your themes and extension and then enable them.
  • What about any changes made to the original vanilla database through the use of a certain extension, for example a new column being added to a table? Sorry for my lack of knowledge in this field. *shy*
  • when you transfer the extension, they are not installed (conf/extension.php is empty). Once you enable them, the extension will update the database.
  • Thank you! Got everything transferred successfully with minimal problems encountered. :)
  • Hey guys, I thought I'd bump this discussion as the question I have to ask is sort of related to this, so there would be no point in creating a new one.

    I've been using Vanilla for just over 2 weeks now and I can happily say I made the best choice! I'm so happy with it. The software is great, customisation is simple, and the support received from such an amazing community can't be described. Everyone here is just so friendly and supportive in such a positive manner! Thank you!

    With the release of Vanilla 1.1.3, I'm looking to make a fresh install on my server, mainly due to a few little mistakes I originally made with my 1.1.2 customisation. So I'd like a brand new start. However, I'd like to keep the current data such as users, user avatars/photos, categories and discussions. Nothing else. Meaning all the extra database "additions" through the use of extensions I don't want.

    I know upgrading isn't the best method to achieving this, and so I've decided on making a fresh installation as mentioned. What I'd like some assistance on is how would I transfer the already stored data (and only stored data) to the new database? I know it's more of a mySQL question rather than Vanilla specific, but I would appreciate any help given. My focus is more on the design aspects of web rather than development, so I do apologise for my limited understanding on such topics.

    Many thanks in advance.
  • Anybody? :(
  • You should just do a fresh install on the server and install all the extensions, themes and styles you were using on your local server. You won't have to mess up with path and will clean your database from unnecessary test message, test user and permissions installed by extensions you won't use.
  • But as I said, I'd like to move over all the data from the current database to the new one. I already have quite a few active members and wouldn't want to lose their discussions, avatars, etc.
  • Sorry, I thought it meant you wanted to move a development installation of vanilla. You should just do a fresh install on the server and install all the extensions you were using on your local server; Then, copy /conf/extensions.php, /extensions/* and all your themes folders (/themes/your_themes*/) from the localhost to the server; Finally, using phpmyadmin, get a back up of your DB on your localhost and upload it on your server DB.
  • Hehe no worries. Ah I see, thank you! Supposing I'd like to use a new theme and none of the current, I can just leave the themes folder right?
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