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Vanilla Installation Help!

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I don't know much about MySQL or installing things onto servers and I need help installing Vanilla. I'm currently trying to install Vanilla and integrate it into a WordPress theme. I've reached the Vanilla Installation Wizard and I'm on Step 2. I have no clue what to put in for: MySQL Server: Where do I find this information and what do I put into this field? MySQL Database: Where do I find this information and what do I put into this field? MySQL User: Any username MySQL Password: Any password If anyone could let me know or if you know of a detailed write up about the vanilla installation I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!


  • Check with your provider. You might have received the info in an email.
    If you try to install on your computer, it should be localhost for the server and for the Database, you have to try one first then use its name.
  • I haven't been emailed any information regarding the MySQL server or database information. Is the localhost my domain the name I'm trying to install Vanilla with? Sorry for being newbie...I've never dealt with all of this kind of stuff and I don't know where to go etc.
  • you can't be sure. You should to use localhost for the server name, and your username for your database name.

    Give me the name of your provider if it doesn't work. I will in its f.a.q.
  • I've completed the installation and reached the finished page where it says "That's it! Vanilla is set up and ready to go." And it gives me more advice on what to do. Now that I've got Vanilla installed onto my server, how do I access it? isn't working I made a "forum" folder in FTP in mysitename/forum but nothing is in it. Could someone help me for this? Thanks for the help so far Dinoboff!
  • it will be the same place from which you ran the setup, minus the /setup/.

    for example if you did setup at, you'd go to to get to your forum.
  • Itchy, thanks! I just reinstalled it and it's working. Thanks for the advice :D Now I have to follow the documentation to integrate it into my wordpress theme. Wish me luck...I'll need it heh
  • Now that I've installed Vanilla into the correct place how do I access the administrative panel to add pages and whatnot into the forum?

    Posted: Friday, 31 August 2007 at 1:08PM

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    Wanderer, That didn't work, did I install Vanilla incorrectly? I tried both and
  • Just log in to your forum and click the settings tab.
  • He is apparently not logged in as an admin user.

    Posted: Friday, 31 August 2007 at 9:10PM

  • Well he's gonna need to be to access the pages.
  • Ahh, For some reason when I try to log in, it won't log in with the administrative username/password I entered in, in step 3 of the installation. It acts like it logs me in but doesn't. I'll try to install a fresh version of see if it'll work..
  • You need to make sure you set the cookie domain and path properly.
  • Yup, thanks Minisweeper. It's all working now! Thanks god... :D
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