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Introducing Linkor, the centralized linking system

edited September 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
As was suggested in the promotional suggestion discussion and later promised by me, I have finished the first version of the Linkor application. It has two options: including a centralized file, and downloading to use local versions. There are categories, so you can choose any kind og links you want..

So, i did what Wanderer described as "What is required, I think, is a data file (XML, text, JavaScript, PHP...) hosted somewhere central, then if required, it could be manually copied to local servers (to reduce the load). This central data file could be maintained by someone with a notification when it's updated so participants may update their local copies."

So, I welcome you all guys to play with it, and comment....


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    there is very much work to do, barring styling and forms checking... if you notice bugs, please write here... thanks
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    How quickly does the email come after you apply? Will this work with Nuggets?
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    edited September 2007
    i have not yet created an automated email reply,,,, i have to manually verify new applicants.. i have just made you an active user (and will send email now)... as for nuggets, i have no idea what it is, hence it does not work with it... once i know what it is, i will be able to tell you.. google didnt find what i thought it would.. it only returned nba stuff... so, what is nuggets...

    waiting for more comments and impressions..
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    The Nuggets add-on here which allows you to place code in various place on the forum (header, sidepanel, etc.). If that doesn't work then would we add the file include statement in an add-on that would load on every page? Just trying to simplify the process for others.
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    as before, i am asking if some of you guys can draw a simple template for this stuff... also note, that lussumo community members will have a priviledge ... there is a fixed list of links attached to every file in each category, so i have reserved a place for you guys :-) .. is already in there.. just let me know and your link will be there... :)
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    edited September 2007
    hm.. ok, since im not very knowledgeable in vanilla add-ons, i would tell you this.. i have considered only two inclusion methods:
    1. include a file with a script like this:
    <?php include(''); ?>
    which makes this

    and option 2:
    to save a local copy of the file, and do anything you want with it (except changing the content)...

    If i did not clarify anything, please let me know and i will gladly tell you everything..

    edit: just read the nuggets description, and i think option 2 described above would be fine with nuggets... a tight intergration, however, would be great... no idea how to di it though, so if the author or someone could do it it would be great
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    I just pasted the code in a Nugget on my site inside the SidePanel. It does work fine.
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    edited September 2007
    Great.. thanks Jim... i see you have added channels, but i don't think you are using the system correctly... as described in the definitions page, channels are those pages on which you placed Linkor... to add links to your sites in the system, you should add links, not channels... channels are kida publishing platforms... so you show us the page where you added linkor, then we approve it and bam, you are allowed to add links...

    EDIT: i've corrected this for you... only make sure you add a channel (show us where you placed linkor file)
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    Thank you, I corrected that.
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