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closing categories

DeniedDenied New
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pardon if this already exists, but i don't have a recent vanilla version running, and i don't remember were i put the old one i have...

but can you close a category?

like, remember on dreamless, i think that shithead had that one category that he sent threads he didn't like to and you couldn't reply to them anymore, or you couldn't post new threads to that category, or some shit like that?

maybe i'm not remembering the past correctly, but even so, i think that's a jolly good idea. like a place that mods can send threads that are just enough retarded that they should be out of the normal flow, but just entertaining enough to keep them around for good measure... but the place essentially closes the thread, and can't have new threads started in...

i think that's a good idea.

in other news; praystation/joshua davis is a twat and i'm glad that i've had nothing to do with him in over 2 years.

also, i feel damn fine that i'm no longer running a forum, and i'm not even slightly concerned about what's being said by/going on with people i spent so much time reading about for 2 years over on itchy's re-incarnation. i was concerned i'd care, but it turns out that i really don't care. hah.

and, finally, mark - i'm excited to see you in serenbe this october, and i'd like to touch you in the ways we once shared. i miss you, old chap. michael and missy were here this weekend and it really brought home just how much i miss hanging out with my old toronto chums. maybe, if you and sarah can wrangle it, we could all (m&m included) get a cabin down here some time and have a jolly good time together. by all accounts, m&m liked it down here, even enough to consider another trip some time. can't be too bad, eh?

p.s. i'm a little drunk - not 2am, pissing in an alley drunk, but enough to let my emotions out of their cage for a minute.


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    i'm going to take this thread and ramble in it for a while.

    i just checked my "ups package tracking" bookmark - it's going to arrive tomorrow! yay! i have completely forgotten what "it" is, but i'm sure i ordered something wonderful.

    also - i broke down and ordered "gleaming the cube" on dvd for $25. i think that's fairly absurd for a used dvd, but it sure beats $100-200 for a new copy. if it's in decent nick, i just might shrink wrap it and sell it on again as new.
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    turns out i have a ta-da list for things i'm waiting for, so i consulted it and this is what i'm waiting for:

    gleaming the cube
    minority report
    2 fast 2 furious
    printer ink
    amazon order
    halo shirt for ehren
    patriots jersey
    raiders jersey
    b&n order

    i think i cancelled the amazon order because i was mad they were taking so long to ship the bloody things, so that can be scratched from the list.

    the internet leads to far too many "impulse purchases" for me.

    like i really need fucking 2 fast 2 furious. i believe my logic behind that one was "it's neat when he does the 180 and goes backwards."

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    in case anyone's wondering, "smuttynose IPA" is a decent ipa. nothing to get your panties really in a bunch over, but it's drinkable.

    dogfish head "raison d'etra", on the other hand is a pretty darn good "mahogany ale". doesn't taste much like raisins (it's touted as being brewed with green raisins [grapes?]), but good never the less. must be really cold, though. as the bottle warms up, the quality goes down hill.
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    what's the difference between "isolated thunderstorms" and "scattered thunderstorms"?

    seems like same shit, same pile to me...

    oh, and anyways, m&m came down for camping. drove down (from toronto to wv) on friday night. they hit traffic in canada (for some reason leaving canada is ALWAYS traffic hell. it's like they pay people to drive the QEW...) and that slowed them down a lot. they arrived at 2:30 am. michael and i drank a beer at poppies, before heading down the south fork road to where i live, and where we would be camping.

    we got in at 3:30, or so. on the way down, a young bambi was running along the side of the road like a spaz (deer are retarded. no ifs, ands, or buts. deer are idiots), so we slowed down to 10 miles an hour and passed it. jenny and i were in her car, m&m in missy's jetta with michael driving. as m&m pass, the retarded bambi decides that being safe at the side of the road is no good for him/her, so it walks head-first into their passenger side door. no damage to either, but, god damn that's a dumb deer.

    so we make it down here, m&m and i go down to the campsite and set up, jenny collects a few things from the house and we all meet up down there shortly there after. it's late, so michael and i drink a couple more beers and head to bed.

    come morning, missy and jenny decide that instead of allowing michael and myself to sleep in, they're going to be fucking assholes and wake us up. at, like, 9am. so the day was off to a bad start.

    i went back to the house, spoke to shi10 (who was also visiting with ha) and decided we were going to the country store to get some ice. jenny then took m&m swimming in the river and yadda yadda yadda. this story sucks.

    anyhow, after ice getting and river swimming, we decide to go over the mountians to the other town and just, well, fuck around a little. we get over there, head to the dairy queen for some well deserved lunch and, as we eat, we watch the lightning start up and move east - towards our campsite.

    fucking a.

    so, pretty much it was a washout.

    it rained harder than i've seen pretty much ever on the way home from dq.

    we packed up and stayed in a hotel, took m&m to dinner at the nice restaurant in town, i was a jackass, but tipped the sweet little kid who brought us water a $10 note and he looked so amazed. i love that kid. he was pretty much the sweetest thing i've ever seen. i managed to drink 2 g&t's and a beer during dinner and was in a much better mood.

    so then we go bowling and the night makes for a slump. no beer at the bowling alley, so the next three hours were bowling hell, being carefully photo-documented by shi10, who positioned himself halfway down the service walkway and took about 1800 pictures. hard to focus on bowling with shithead snapping away. whatever.

    that's about the interesting for the story, m&m retired early, and left the next morning. shi10 and ha, we took to virginia to catch a train to dc. haven't heard from them since, but assuming they made it to brooklyn alright regardless.

    now i'm drinking all the beer we bought for the big bbq we had planned for saturday night. it tastes good and i need to pee now, so i'm going to stop typing and leave. hope this is less than 5000 characters...
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    now i'm eating beef jerkey and it's good
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    why would i want to block myself, or comments i posted?

    that seems odd to me.
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    >> pamela anderson looks like shit these days... *chokes on coffee* Man, that is not something I would like to wake up to. Why the hell are you talking to yourself?
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    because i'm insane. why else?
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    lechlech Chicagoland
    denied, do a search, I asked mark to impliment something like this in the form of a "recycling bin" where all hidden threads get moved to when marked hidden. Except it seemed a bit too much. I suppose though that one could instead impliment an extension that fakes as acting as a category for this type of purpose though now that I think about it.
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    for a minute i thought i was on denied's blog..
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    typing to oneself is simply a way of dealing with oneself in public.
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I loved the comments!
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Oh, and in relation to closing categories. There is no way to close entire categories right now, but you could always just close the thread and move it to a category.
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    can i come too?
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    edited August 2005
    yeah or you could make a cateogory where no usergroup has access too except you or staff members edit: didnt think about that the threads wouldnt be visible to the ppl without forget my idea ;)
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    that depends if we introduced rwx permissions to categories at role level like has been discussed.
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    lechlech Chicagoland
    mini, it has, I brought it up durring some of the first releases, mark shot all the ideas down.
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    edited August 2005
    id say it would be a nice idea...but after some time vanilla would become just another bloated phpbb2 like board but well i think rwx like definitons for categories and users would be quite helpful :)
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I agree, now. This a great example of where it would be super helpful to have those perms.
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