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Custom Tabs show Extension Options for certain extentions.

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Hello everyone. I installed my Vanilla forum 1.1.2 yesterday and have been adding on all the extensions I find that look like things I know I'll be using. One of those extensions was the Private Messaging extension. Reading through the discussion about said extension, the point was made that said extension shows Extension Options for a couple of extensions in the Inbox. I researched this further but found no resolution, so I left it be and went on to install other extensions. As I did so I realized that this bug exists not just for the Inbox, but for all my other custom tabs (Members tab from Member List extension, People tab from the Friends extension, and File List tab from the Dojo File List extension) as well. I poked around in the code some, but my expertise is in Access database programming and Javascript (well, as far as Javascript, I understand it enough to be dangerous...) so I wasn't able to really make much sense of it at the time. I'm sure with a few days to go over it I might be able to, but I was wondering if anyone else had noticed this previously and if there was a patch or a codefix I could use to rectify this bug?


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    Oops... almost forgot... the extensions that are showing on my custom tabs are: Discussion Counters Poll Management
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    so you're saying that on custom tabs, the extenstion administration options appear in the panel for those 2 extensions?
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    yes, this happens to me as well.
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    OK. I DEFINITELY just posted in this discussion. Hmm. Regardless, I'd say that was a fault of the extensions. I'll try and get time to check later.
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    Here is my forum:

    When you look at any of the custom tabs, you'll see extension options. (You'll need to log in as test/test.)

    I would assume that there is something in those extensions that is conflicting with the extensions that create those new tabs (or with the new tabs module of the core) which allows those options to be displayed, even to regular members. (Let me confirm that, actually... I'll be back in a minute.)
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    Ok, it doesn't seem to do it unless the member is in the mod group or higher. But it definately does it under admin.
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    Has there been any new info on this?
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    If you look at the php script for the Discussion Counters add-on, you will see it it restricted to anyone in the Manager Role. Look at line 96 in the add-on default.php.

    I don't use Poll Management, but I would guess there is also some criteria in there for displaying the information.

    So, I think what you want to do is to add some code to the add-on to exclude it from appearing when someone selects your custom tab regardless of the role they have been assigned to. Is that what you need to do?
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    Jimw, very nice find, although I'm not really sure how to fix it... I'm just about worthless in php. But yes, it should be restricted to all roles on those custom tabs.
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