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Question: Restrict user access

I'm considering Vanilla for an upcoming project and would like to run a single installation so that: 1. There is a general area that all site users have access to, 2. Visitors with logins can log in and see just discussions relevant to them, 3. We could be a gatekeeper for any person wanting a login (i.e., we only allow certain visitors to sign up for access) Are these things possible? Answers to these questions would be much appreciated.


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    All of these things are possible and easy through Vanilla's roles and categories system. I'm assuming that by "all site users" you mean the general public.

    When you install Vanilla, by default there is a "General" discussion category. You can check the "allow non-members to browse the forum" option in Vanilla's Application Settings page to allow anyone to see discussions in this category.

    You can add a second category and grant (or restrict, however you want to look at it) access to only Members and Administrators, for instance.

    You can keep adding roles and categories, and arrange their privileges however you like.

    You can also choose which roles have power to approve or deny membership applicants.

    You should find all of this very easy to do.
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    I installed a test version and think I have it figured out. Thanks so much for your help!
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    How do I assign an applicant with access to a certain role?
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    Just for one applicant? Approve the application, then go into their Account page and assign a new role.

    If you want all applicants in the future to go into certain roles before and after approval for membership, check out the Registration Settings page.
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    I think I see... Maybe I should start over -- I want to use Vanilla as a client portal where each client can log in and read messages and download files for their project. Each client would have their own "category." Does that make sense?
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    Hmm... I don't know that Vanilla is really suited to that sort of thing as a primary function. You could certainly modify it to do what you need, but I think you might want to take a look at some web-based project management software first.

    Basecamp is probably the highest-profile such product right now. Great software but it's not free and you don't host it yourself.
    ActiveCollab is the most compelling free/hostable alternative to Basecamp at the moment.
    Wrike, onStage and Goplan are other options - all of which have their merits, but none of which are free.
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    I know Vanilla isn't perfect for project management, but I'd like to use it if possible. Something you said intrigued me -- "then go into their Account page and assign a new role." Where do I go to their account page? Do I first have to log in as them or can I do this as an administrator. I've been looking for a master list of members, but can't find them anywhere.
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    Just search for them and click on their name :) Or click on their name when they post.
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