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I wanna switch but...

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its seems to be complicated. I am using an old forum software for years now. Its unsecure and old school, I'd like to switch but how import all the old threads into vanilla. My software called Burning Board 1.1.1 newest version here: Is there any sort of importer or a has anybody a way to move the content from one to the other?

thanks and cheers


  • ToivoToivo New
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    I guess you need to answer some questions

    is the archive worth it?
    what so special or noteworthy about the current forum?

    Maybe you could just start a new one form the blank page.

    I guess it's easier to dump some data from old sql tables and import just the basics to new one. User table (id, name and passw), post table (post title, content)
  • What i'm considering for my own similar situation (though I don't use your software) is to just leave the old board up, but close everything so it can only be viewed.

    Space is pretty cheap.
  • thanks for your comments. i think its worth it, its a small(800 users) well grown community with a lot of information and nice posting.

    I might have found a first pathway to work on a export. Upgrading, converting to phpbb and exporting to vanilla. Its worth a local attempt.
  • Let us know how it goes and good luck!
  • Has anyone done this? I'm migrating away from WBB lite 1.x, too. I'm testing Vanilla right now. If it suits my needs I'll write an importer myself.
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