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How can I link back to my home page

edited September 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I like how your site has your logo and links to get to other parts of your website. Again I don't get paid for a living to write code but I know enough to be dangerous. My question is how could I add links to get back to my home page, or add something similar like you have at the top of your forums. Or even just add a link that people will see when they log out of the forums.


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    Try Page Manager, it will allow you to make tabs like those above.
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    When I said links at the top of the forums, I was refering to: Swell Blog | Documentation | Community | Get Vanilla | Vanilla Add-ons Links that will take you to other parts of the website. I don't think page manager is what i'm looking for. I want the user to feel like they have not left my website entirely to comment in the forums. I think they should feel like they are still on my website when using the forums.
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    Seems to me that the links in the top of the site are in a frame... but I wouldn't know for sure. I know that this is the only site where I've ever seen a Vanilla forum used that had other links above it, and having the Vanilla forums displayed in a frame is the only way I can see that would make it work... but it's possible that the forum itself is actually modified to make those links stay there.
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    edited September 2007
    I take that back... it seems that the forums are using an extension called Nuggets, which you can look at here. I think this will do what you want.

    I'm about to download it to try it for myself, so if it works I'll let you know ;)

    *Edit* Well, don't use Nuggets with Vanilla 1.1.3, there appears to be a bug somewhere that's causing Nuggets to behave rather strangely... but this WOULD have done the trick. It'll work in 1.1.2 though, if you haven't already updated.
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    Search the wiki for LussumoBanner, and you will find some of the code that makes that top header.
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    Nuggets looks like an interesting add-on but considdering I had issues just getting up and running I'm not really ready for that adventure! Wallphone thanks for the input I actually saw another post from you, where I could just add html to Admin Settings>Application Settings>Banner Title. This is exactly what I was looking for. I was scared to try it earlier becasue of the warning on that page. But I entered in a little piece of code and it works perfectly. Thanks
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