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Janine - Guest Viewing - Discussion Can not be found

edited October 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Okay, I think I've managed to get the Janine plugin working; however, I do have a slight problem. This thing has been integrated with wordpress, I'll just state that up front! The main blog is at When a "Guest" clicks on the Discussion link at the bottom of the page, it takes them to the forum, but the user is not allowed to view that post. Preferred behaviour would be for Guest users to at least be able to view comments etc. Instead it just says that the discussion can not be found. Any ideas?


  • I'm not familiar with the WP integration but have you set up the correct privileges for 'unauthenticated' users?
  • Forgive my ignorance, but could you elaborate on what the "correct privileges for unauthenticated users should be? Is there a place I could verify what is correct?
  • Forgive me, I should have actually checked out the site rather than jumping to conclusions. There's some pretty odd behaviour on your forums.

    As a logged in user, if you click on the discussions link for say, 'did i screw up' does it take you to a discussion? I notice as guest if i click on the discussions link for 'in law questions' it takes me to: which does contain a 1 comment discussion, however I still get the error saying the discussion could not be found. Can you confirm what behaviour you experience as a logged in user performing both these actions?
  • When I click it as a logged in user, the error message does not pop up. I am able to post a comment. When I click it as an unauthenticated user from the main blog, the error message pops up saying that the discussion can not be found.
  • Actually hold on, if guests view the URL above then it takes them to the discussion. The issue only occurs when the discussion does not exist, which I would expect. What's supposed to happen on an integrated site when someone tries to discuss a post without a discussion? It creates a discussion? I'm guessing that's bound to fail as guests wont have permissions to create discussions only view them. I seem to remember at some point someone discussing the capability to make janine automatically start a discussion whenever a blog post was made. Do you know anything about that?
  • Yes, it automatically creates a forum discussion whenever someone clicks on the link. The weird thing is, I know these discussions have been created - each blog entry has one forum entry from all the robots clicking the discussion link. So that part of the extension seems to be working okay. It's just when an unauthenticatd user clicks the discussion link that it says discussion not present. Perhaps it is trying to let the user edit the discussion or something and then Vanilla kicks the request out with this error due to a permissions problem - though the error message may not completely reflect the condition of the error. Clear as mud?
  • Robots clicking the discussion link should work in just the same way as guests... What happens if you browse to:
  • It seems that clicking the link creates the forum thread, which is expected and desired behaviour; however, once the thread has been created it doesn't seem to be viewable by unauthenticated users. That may be the real heart of the issue. I didn't see a place to edit which categories the "anonymous" userid has access to view within Vanilla. Here is the error message: Some problems were encountered The requested discussion could not be found.
  • Can you tell me if discussion 136 and discussion 21 are in the same category?
  • Got it! The "anonymous" user needed to have access to view the category that the blog posts were being mapped to. Yes I'm an idiot. Thanks for the patience! Now I just need to figure out how to show how many comments have been posted in the forum for each blog entry and I'll be golden. Thank you so much for asking the questions to make me think!
  • No problem. Had me pretty confused for a while there too :) Glad you got it sorted!
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