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Conflict with David + Discussion Tags/Filters

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So I was having some weird issue with Discussion Tags and Filters. Clicking on the Tag/Filter, I got all discussions, not just the tagged or filtered discussions. I stripped my forum and started re-adding extensions one by one. I discovered the problem was with the David extension.

The extensions runs fine if you don't change anything. But I wanted stickies from certain categories to show on the index page, so I made the suggested tweak:

global $CategoryToShow; $CategoryToShow = '12'; // change this to also show this Category Sticky if ( ($Context->SelfUrl == "index.php") && isset($Head) ) { // this allows you to see the Sticky on the Category page but not on the index page if ( ForceIncomingString('CategoryID', '') < '1' ) { function Sticky_HideFromDiscussions(&$DiscussionManager) { global $CategoryToShow; // this function adjusts the Discussion count $SB = &$DiscussionManager->DelegateParameters['SqlBuilder']; foreach ( array('0') as $CurrentBlock ) { $SB->AddWhere('t', 'Sticky', '', 0, '=', 'and'); // $SB->AddWhere('t', 'CategoryID', '', $CategoryToShow, '=', 'or'); } } $Context->AddToDelegate('DiscussionManager', 'PostGetDiscussionBuilder', 'Sticky_HideFromDiscussions'); $Context->AddToDelegate('DiscussionManager', 'PreGetDiscussionCount', 'Sticky_HideFromDiscussions'); } }

The tweak was to remove that commented $SB->AddWhere. The stickies did what they were suppose to, but it messed with Discussion Tags/ Filters.

I would like to keep the stickies the way they were. Is there a way to fix David such that it won't cause issues with Discussion Tags/Filters?


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    The following worked for me, but please try it. Add the following line of code right above the "if statement". It gets the $TagFilter value from the DiscussionTags.
    $TagFilter = ForceIncomingInt("TagFilter", 0); // don't conflict with DiscussionTags add-on
    Then change the "if statement" to the following to only execute my script if there is no DiscussionTags filter:
    if ( ($Context->SelfUrl == "index.php") && isset($Head) && $TagFilter == 0)
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    edited October 2007
    Hey, thanks! That seems to work... but only for Discussion Tags, not Discussion Filters...


    OK, so looking at your code, and then the code from DiscussionTags and DiscussionFilters, I added/changed the following:

    $TagFilter = ForceIncomingInt("TagFilter", 0); $View = ForceIncomingString("View", ""); if ( ($Context->SelfUrl == "index.php") && isset($Head) && $TagFilter == 0 && $View == "")

    That seems to take care of Discussion Filters. Now everything seems to be working the way it should. Thanks again!
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    Glad it worked. Now we have a way of fixing several add-ons.
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    I found another conflict, this time it was CommentLinks. My fix was to add another condition:

    $CommentID = ForceIncomingInt("CommentID", 0);

    and then:

    && $CommentID == 0

    But there has to be a better way to fix this. The common thread seems to be that these extensions filter the discussion list by appending "index.php" with "?Something=something".

    Is there some way to modify the if statement, such that it returns false if the current url is "index.php?Anything"? Is there a better way to reference the discussion list other than ($Context->SelfUrl == "index.php")?
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    edited October 2007
    Here is a solution.
    $url = GetRequestUri(); // parse this to see if there is a "?" $xxx = strpos($url,'index.php?'); if ( ($Context->SelfUrl == "index.php") && isset($Head) && $xxx == 0)
    That should handle it for any url that has "index.php?" in it.

    Edit: Now that I've looked at this some more, you should change the $xxx line to be:
    $xxx = strpos($url,'?');
    We only need to look for the "?"
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