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Allow non-members to browse the forum

edited August 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I think I remember seeing this somewhere, but now I can't find it.

I've set it up so nonmembers can browse the forum, but it's not showing any discussions (I have 2 test posts).


edit: reading the wiki now.. derr...

ok i get it..

How this works: Leaving out the banned role makes your category and all discussions in that category unviewable to a non-member. Even if that forum is open for non-members, that banned member role still out-ranks applicants and non-members in the given hierarchy. So in other words, if the banned can’t view the category, then no one else below them can.


  • Yeah I noticed this too. Banned = Guest basically.

    Should be different IMO
  • Well i suppose if you're making the forum open then you can change the name of the role banned. In the case where its a private forum, banned is much more applicable. Perhaps when you do make it open it should somehow automaticall alter or create a roll in order to allow it to actually be public without people having to change more settings?
  • did you give the guest account permissions to view the categories?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited August 2005
    There are some glitches with the public vs private forum setups. Lech wrote a document outlining how to make it happen on the wiki: Note that any glitches with regard to this public/private setup will be fixed in the next rev.
  • lamentlament
    edited August 2005
    well if you take away sign-in ability on the banned role, then there's no problem. everyone can browse the forum, even the banned people (which is fine), but the banned still can't sign in. unless they sign up with a new name?
  • well that problem will always exist with banned people. Perhaps there could be a way to stop that.
  • then again i suppose if they were determined it would be very difficult indeed.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    I just wrote the documentation to the best of my understanding :) I hope it does make sense though.
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