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Uploading Images/Files?

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Hey folks, Seems there would be a topic on here already of this kind, but I didn't have luck finding one. I apologize if this is old discussion. I was just wondering if there is a way to allow members to upload images or files to be viewed in Vanilla? Is there an available extension of this kind? I have yet to teach myself PHP. Thanks for any and all help. Vanilla is by far the nicest messageboard I've found to date...and I've been through a lot. You guys have done great work. -JT


  • hmm. There was a discussion...maybe it got cleaned up. There isnt an extension, a lot of people want one but there are pros and cons. Add it to the requested extensions on the wiki.
  • I think I brought something up about it at one stage.
  • I thought I'd follow up to this thread. Has there been any progress on this front? I just downloaded and installed Vanilla last night and I love how easy it is to work with. I know some PHP, but tackling an extension like this myself seems daunting.

    I understand the fears of what could happen should an extension like this be misused, but I myself am trying to put together a small private forum with a group of friends and I'm really not concerned about leeching.

    Would it be possible to use something like was mentioned in this thread to allow uploads? Ideally one would be able to upload from the discussion input window area, but if they had to go to a separate section to upload first, I suppose that could work.

  • I'm working on an attachment extension for the new Vanilla! It uses AJAX just like google mail. With the new Vanilla I can easily extend the comment form. I'll release the extension to be tested soon :)
  • Thank you! Please let me know when you've got something ready to test -- I'd love to see it.
  • Wow jazzman you're a life saver. I was wondering if this would ever be released.
  • sounds awesome. i know my users would love something like this.
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    any news about that? I'm quite interested =)
  • I would also love to see an inbuilt file upload system for Filebrowser (
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    If anyone's looking for simple AJAXy file uploader code, the one here is pretty nice.

    EDIT: it does sadly use IFRAMEs, but I'm sure it could be made to not.
  • Ajaxy and using iframes, surely that's illegal!?
  • Nevermind, that one was *without* ajax.
  • Fear not I have taken on the task of creating a simple unloader. You will be able to upload images, videos, and files. Im hoping that I can set it up to just detect which file it is other wise you will select that on upload then it will either display image - video - file link. If I have time I will include a hide reveal ajax deal for the files part.
  • this extension will make my users lose their minds with glee. i almost had to switch back to phpbb because people were complaining about not being able to upload anything. going back would make me cry.
  • Going back would make Jesus cry.
  • haha i originally wrote that, but then changed my post to avoid the religious connotation.
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
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    speaking of retrogression - i persuaded a mate to install vanilla to use on his new website - it's for a dance label - BUT he's switched it back to phpbb because "it's easier to use, looks nicer, and has more plugins".....

  • outbreak: Such things don't bother me :D

    3stripe: looks nicer? Does your friend have a white stick?
  • (Hello JHiner!) Umm. I've gone through the extension documentation and gotten as far as making a couple of different 'Hello World' extensions, and am wondering what the best direction to go is for altering table structures and/or creating new tables. ((I can see arguments both ways for altering table structures -- I'm just thinking adding columns if that makes any heart palpatations soften)) -- it would be nice if an extension could hook into an 'initialization' to check the db structure... it would be less nice if the extension wasted a query every time it was loaded. Looks like the MySQL class won't stop me from doing alter tables, which is nice. Less nice is not knowing whether that's supported by sqlite. ;) But I'll step past that for a moment... Hmm. Any tips greatly appreciated. :)
  • any progress on this?
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